Really Easy Homemade Air Freshener

I absolutely love Baking Soda.  It has so many different uses, and this has to be one of my favourites.  This post is how to make your own air freshener…

What you need:

Clean glass jar with lid (for example jam jar or a baby’s food jar); Baking Soda; Essential Oil; Hammer; Nail

What to do:

Use the hammer and a nail to poke some holes in the lid of the jar.  Design a pattern, or simply just scatter some holes randomly.

Fill the jar to about 1/4 full with Baking Soda and add between 6 and 8 drops of your favourite essential oil.  I used lavender oil.

Ta-da!  You’re done!  All you have to do now is to place it somewhere that you feel needs “freshening” up a bit…  Bathroom, under the kitchen sink…  How about in the towel cupboard?.  I suppose you could even decorate the outside of the jar with Sharpie’s or scrapbook paper if you so desire…  Just don’t forget to give it a little shake when you want the scent to “strengthen” up a bit.

I also discovered that this mix is also your very own fabric freshener too…  Afterall, it does come with the “shaking holes” already made…

Simply shake the mixture onto your carpet, leave it for 10 minutes or so, then vacuum it up!

Oh…  One final warning.  Keep out of reach of children.