The 5 websites I visit most often

I do like to browse the internet a lot, however there are several that I am a repetitive visitor to. The below are listed in no particular order:


I like to visit facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I also find it’s a wonderful website to share photographs.

If you’re a first time user to facebook, you are required to become a member by completing a very short form. On completion, you can build your profile displaying as much (or as little) as you want the world to know. The privacy settings have improved a lot over the past few years. You can set your profile so that only people on your friends list can see you…

There are many games and applications on facebook, but I only tend to use one or two on there now. I used to be one of those people who had to log on every couple of hours just to tend to my farm… I’ve not actually logged into Farmville for quite a while now, so my farm has probably withered ha ha.

Sharing photos and videos has never been easier too. You can create different albums in which to upload your pics too… For example, I have holiday photograph albums, wedding albums (my own included), baby albums and even a “random” album.


When I was younger, I had so many penpals. I used to constantly be receiving letters through the door, and I used to spend a fortune on buying pretty paper, envelopes and stamps… Or rather, my dad would spend a fortune on them ha ha.

Last year, I thought I’d like to get back into the penpalling game, but this time sticking to email-pals (e-pals). I performed a simple google search and managed to fall on Interpals. The website (once again) requires you to create a profile. The profile here is really simple… It’s literally; talk about yourself and what you are looking for in a penpal. You can add pics too!

The site has its’ own messaging system, which I think is a really “safe” idea, as it allows you to correspond with potential penpals before giving out your own details.

The only problem that I find, is that I tend to receive MANY messages from men who are more interested in trying to earn their way into the country… BUT, on the positive side, you can place restrictions on who can contact you. For example, if you only want to speak to women, you can block men (and vice-versa). If you don’t want to correspond with anyone who lives in… I don’t know… France; then you can also block that. The search system is easy, and hopefully you’ll be writing to a new friend in less than 5 minutes of setting up your profile!

Stumble Upon

I was introduced to this website by my best friend… She actually sent me a link to a craft website in the hope that I’d be able to make the item for my (very young) son. Whilst on the homepage, you can either sign up, or use the site as a guest.

You can choose what type of websites you want to “stumble”. For example:

* Art
* Craft
* Facebook
* Humour
* Food / Cooking
* Camping
* Martial Arts
and many, many more.

Just choose the topic and then click on the “Stumble” button. When you’ve read that website (or if that site doesn’t interest you), you simply click the button again, and it will take you to another website of the same topic.

I’ve found many wonderful recipes and craft items to make using this initial website.


This, readers, is a wonderful gaming website. It is recommended that you create an account, but the best thing is, is that you don’t have too!

This site is full of wonderful (WARNING: VERY ADDICTIVE) games. Some of the games (for example) are:

* Pool
* Draw Something (like the game of Pictionary)
* Fourplay (just like Connect 4)
* Checkers
and more.

There are game shops in which you can “buy” in-game items (such as fancy pens for the Draw Something or a specialist cue stick for Pool…). I use the word “buy” very loosely, as technically, you don’t HAVE to spend any real money on the site. You can earn coins by watching short videos on site, or by winning games… You do (of course) have the option to purchase “Cash”, and the Cash does give you the option to buy bigger and better in-game items, but personally, I think it’s a lot of money just to “waste”.

eBay UK

Ok, so I don’t really need to add a description as to what eBay is, but I would like to add my overall opinion on the site…

I first starting using eBay approximately 6 months before I got married. I bought flowers, place cards, shoes, dresses, handbags… Practically the full accessories to make my special day even more perfect. So if I told you that I got both of my bridesmaids pairs of shoes, their handbags, their jewellery, their flowers and their fancy dress skirts for the evening for less than £30, what would you say?

I’d never knock eBay. If I’m looking for something in particular, I always try there first. More than likely, I’ll be able to find it from a trusted seller (always look at their feedback rating) for so much less than what I’d pay for if I went to the village.

So there we go. What are your 5 top websites that you visit most often?