The Mercure Ayr Hotel

Tuesday 30 Oct – Thursday 1 Nov 2012

On arrival at the hotel, the first disappointment was that we had to pay for the car park.  I thought the hotel would offer free parking due to the amount the hotel stay costs. 

Check-in was quick and simple.  Directions were not given to the room, only “you’re on floor 5” was told.

The lifts were a major issue – The doors tried to close before you could even get in the lift.  Obviously, this is a big problem, especially when travelling with a baby in a pram.  The wiring in the lift to the speaker sounded faulty – constantly cracking and hissing.  When the lift arrived at the fifth floor where we were situated, it stopped with a sudden thud.  The doors opened, and the whole lift DROPPED about an inch!  The lifts stopped working during our second day, and the service lift was offered as an alternative.  This lift smelled disgusting, had graffiti all inside, the handrail was falling off and the lift contained the hotel’s refuse. 

First impressions of our hotel room were good.  Excellent views over to the Isle of Arran.  However, there was what seemed to be a large crack in the window and although the windows were closed, they constantly let a draft through – again not very good with a baby.

The carpets were dirty, part of the shelf next to the bed was chipped (I thought the rooms had recently been refurbished?).  The beds were VERY uncomfortable.  The mattress may have well been a piece of wood, and the pillows were useless.  Even two did not offer full support.  Suggest you buy the normal pillows (not feather down) or memory foam ones.  We tried to use the sofa bed on our second night, but on “opening” the mattress, we quickly changed our minds when there was so much food debris, hair and what looked to be urine stains.

The bathroom was clean, however the toilet would not flush a single piece of toilet paper.  The toilet roll holder right next to the toilet was not secure, and the “wire holder” kept falling on the floor taking the roll with it.

In the bath, the handles to assist a person getting in and out were disgusting – There was so much rust on one of them, and the other looked to have been hit with a hammer or kicked violently as there was a massive dent.  I also did not like the idea of the retractable washing line in the bathroom – again with a toddler who’s hands are everywhere at the moment.  Finally about the bathroom, the bathroom door looked to have suffered forced entry at one point as it did not fit fully into the door frame, and there was damage to the door near to the handle.

We were booked onto a package of two nights B&B with dinner on the first night.  It was described on the internet as “3 course table d’hote dinner on your first night” – It was actually a price restricted dinner of £22 where you basically had a choice of the cheapest items from the starter and main course menus.  If you wanted a dessert, you would have to pay the difference.  As this was our wedding anniversary break, this slightly ruined our first evening away.

On arrival into the hotel restaurant, we had to wait around for 5 or so minutes until someone appeared to ask if we were booked in.  We were shown to a table and then a highchair was brought out for my son.  The highchair table had not been wiped and appeared to still have food on it from the previous occupant. 


Our waitress looked to be fresh out of school, and took almost 30 minutes to ask if we wanted any drinks…  We placed our order for food at the same time.  I had ordered the soup to start, which was to be served with a bread roll and butter.  I had to request the butter twice, and had almost finished the soup before the butter was finally brought to the table.

The food was absolutely delicious, and I couldn’t fault that what-so-ever.  I did not appreciate, however, the waitress and another member of staff gossiping about what they got upto the night before – in vast detail I might add.

If I was to ever to return to Ayr, I have to admit that I would avoid the Mercure hotel there.