Happy New Year!

Sorry I’m a few days late in posting it, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We waved goodbye to 2012, and welcomed 2013 with open arms.  Unless, of course, you were me.

It all started on Saturday evening when my little man took a poorly turn.  Since then, the three of us have not been the same.  We thought it was a one off…  Baby vomited, and we assumed it was because he had overeaten.  Then New Years Eve came…

My son absolutely adores his grandad (my dad).  He literally idolises him – I think it works both ways ha ha.  My little man will follow him all around the house, want cuddles from him, run straight past his nanna to get to him…  But on New Years Eve it was very different.

My husband unbuckled him from his car seat.  I went on ahead to make sure the front door was unlocked to my parents house, as it was raining.  The little man started walking up the driveway with my husband, but when he saw his grandad, he went really shy.  He hid behind my hubby’s legs.  He stopped in the doorway and pulled his face…  SO out of character.  It must have taken him about an hour and a half to ‘warm-up’ to his grandad.  Hmmm…  Something’s not right there.

Then came 9:30pm (approx).  This was my sons’ supper time.  He ate a bowl of his favourite cereal…  Then he brought it all back up again. Immediately.  Plus a lot more than what he had eaten.  I honestly thought my little man had turned into the little girl from the Exorcist.  Then came the fever – Sweating ‘buckets’ when the temperature was “just right”…  The cries, sobs, restlessness soon followed.

Regardless to say, that night none of us slept.

New Years Day came – Baby now has a chesty cough.  Sounds like he’s got a lot of phlegm on it.  The problem is, a baby can’t spit.

New Years Day night – None of us slept again.

I was in work on 2nd January (yesterday).  Well, guess who wasn’t well then?  I had the cough.  My throat was so sore from all the ‘barking’ that I could taste blood.

However, last night we all managed to get a ‘fairly decent’ amount of sleep.  When I say that, I actually mean we all had 5-6 hours in total.  Better than the previous couple of nights.

Today I took a turn for the worse.  I was up and dressed, ready to go to work, when I had to run to the bathroom…  I’ll leave it there.  But the point to that is, I’m home.  I’ve had to call in ill.

Oh, I didn’t mention – Husband is also ill with it.  His came on throughout the afternoon of yesterday.  So all three of us are literally ‘bleurgh’.

I’ve just found out my dad’s now in bed with it.  He must have it really badly, as nothing normally knocks him off his feet.

But on a lighter note, my little man seems a lot better in himself.  He’s still not well – Still has the cough – Still a little chesty – But overall, he’s playing.  So I suppose that’s a good thing.

Apparently, this rotavirus is on its’ way throughout the whole of the northwest of England.  If you’ve not already had it, try to stay away from people who have got it.  It is contagious.  If you are currently suffering with it, I’m so sorry.  I feel for you.  I really do.  If you’ve already had it, and are now back to normal, how long did it take?!  I’m starting to get a little fed up with the constant coughing now…

So, I repeat.  Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013!  I hope you’re all doing a lot better than we are x

Any thoughts?

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