Body Art can be Beautiful…

Tattoo’s.  Hate them?  Love them?  Got them?  Don’t want them?  No matter what your opinion is, I personally think tattoo’s can be rather beautiful.  That is, they are beautiful if in moderation, small of size, and not too much ‘in your face’.  I don’t, however, like ‘full sleeves’, or bodies that are completely covered in art.  I don’t mean to offend, but that is my honest thought.

I have three tattoos.  Each have meaning, each are ‘small’ (ish).  Each represent a different time in my life, but all are tasteful.  Some people have said that one of my pieces of art ‘scares’ them.  I can sort of see why, but I have wanted the design for such a long time.

Age 18 – The Butterfly – Left Outer Ankle













I have to admit.  I had this tattoo done for a little bit of rebellion.  I was 18.  A lot of my family do not like tattoo’s.  My grandmother inparticularly said that she would never have a tattoo (or her ears pierced!) as if God wanted it that way, we would have already been decorated.  My parents had never really mentioned it.  I had briefly mentioned it to my mum, and the only thing she had ever said was ‘just make sure it’s something that you can live with for the rest of your life’.  That was that.

Age 21 – The Dolphin – Right breast & Age 24 – The Sunset












This tattoo was finished in two sittings.  The dolphin was literally a ‘spare of the moment’ piece of work when I was on a day out in Blackpool.  I wanted something to represent peace, love and freedom, but not in the usual symbol of the white dove.  The sunset came later.  The sunset has more of a meaning to me.  It represents my maternal grandfather.  He passed away in the February, and in his will he left his 5 children money.  My mum wanted to buy me something to remember him by.  She bought me a gold pendant of St Christopher – The protector of children & travellers.  It was her who suggested that I have the sunset and the waves added to my dolphin.  I thought the outcome was a beautiful reminder of him.  It works wonderfully with the dolphin…  My grandfather is now the dolphin – free and in the heavens.

Age 26 – The Eye of Horus – Left Shoulder

As some of you will already be aware, I have two rather ‘unhealthy’ obsessions.  The first is of Scotland…  The second is of Ancient Egypt, and the Gods of the Ancient Egyptians.  This interpretation of the Eye of Horus is my favourite tattoo.  So much so, that I am looking to get another based on the Ancient Egyptian culture – I will soon have the head of Anubis.  I’m fairly confident that I would like this on my right shoulder, looking towards my eye.

I think my ‘eye’ is rather amusing in a matter of speaking.  In the summer, I often wear ‘strappy’ tops.  My ‘eye’ is always on show.  I tend to say to the younger people who I know, that they have to be careful…  I can see everything they’re doing, even when my back is turned.  I remember my younger cousin (now 15) saying that she was convinced it winked at her…








The picture isn’t really that good.  It looks SO much better in real life, but at least you get the idea.  One thing that I really must mention about my ‘eye’ is that this particular design was drawn by my husband.  When he sketched it for me, we weren’t even dating…  But that’s for another time.

Above all, I do not regret any of my tattoo’s.  They are all in positions where I can keep them covered up if needs be.  They are discreet enough that if people don’t know I have them already, they never would know.   I’m already planning my fourth – It’s going to be my sons’ name and date of birth; and my fifth – the head of Anubis.  I think that will be it then.  As I said when I first started this post, as long as they don’t turn into a sleeve, or I don’t end up covered from head to toe, I will be happy.  So, from a decorated point of view – Body Art can be beautiful.


Any thoughts?

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