Coffee Cup Quiche

I can’t take the credit for the recipe I’m about to divulge to you.  I read this, and I just couldn’t keep it a secret – I had to share it!  I’ve not tried this yet, but it’s definitely one that is on my list for in the next couple of days or so.  And, as long as you have the right ingredients in your cupboard / fridge, then this is one of the yummiest looking (and more than likely tasting) and quickest dinners to make.


1 large egg

1 and a half tbsp milk

Salt (to taste)

Ground black pepper (to taste)

1/4 bagel (or similar amount of French bread, etc.)

2 tsp cream cheese (mmm…  Philadelphia…)

Sliced ham or prosciutto

Fresh thyme leaves or freshly chopped chives

Dijon mustard (optional)


  1. Beat the egg and milk together using a fork in a coffee mug.  Add the salt & pepper to your liking.
  2. Tear the bagel / bread into coin sized pieces and stir in to the egg mixture.
  3. Add the cream cheese to the mixture.
  4. Tear or cut the ham into small pieces, and stir all together thoroughly.
  5. Sprinkle with thyme or freshly chopped chives.
  6. Microwave on full power until done (approximately 1 minute, 10 seconds).
  7. Garnish with mustard and fresh thyme or chives.


Want to see the original recipe? Click here!


Any thoughts?

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