Happy 60th

Today is my mums’ 60th birthday.  She was born in Mill Road Hospital in Liverpool on 25 February 1953.  My mum is fabulous.  I love the way that she lives in her own little world…  She loves pink clouds and fluffy bunnies…  So, this post is simply to wish her a very big “Happy Birthday”.

In the first photo, you can see my mum and dad.  Very late 60’s / early 70’s indeed.  They’re sitting with their parents.

The second photo shows the reception of my parents wedding…

The third is my mum in the back garden of their first bought house together.

The fourth photo shows just how bad 80’s fashion was…  Spiral perm and ‘Deidre’ glasses?  Of course.

Fifth we have a shot my my mum and me…

Sixth is my mum and my son…

Last but not least, seventh is a shot of my mum taken a couple of weeks ago.

8326_299474980789_709120_n8326_299474935789_7993303_n75603_10150313487025790_2663340_n 149068_10150313487325790_3139876_n 394256_10152129575720790_2135665445_n 578203_10152525199445790_197761360_n

Any thoughts?

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