Hush-a-bye baby – Night One

After many months of not sleeping through the night, it was really wearing my husband and I to the ground.  Especially trying to keep up with an almost 18-month old throughout the day.  I’d had enough.  Yesterday morning I got up and said to my hubby, “Put the airbed in baby’s room tonight.  I’ll sleep in there with him and try to get him to stay in his own room right through”.

Hubby had a better idea.  We have two mattresses on our bed at the moment.  A spring one on the base, and a full memory-foam one on top…  We’d just have the memory-foam mattress, but you can feel every slat on the base.  Hence the two mattresses.  He moved the memory-foam mattress into babys room…

Night-time came and it was time for bed.  I lay down with my little man in his room, and the screams began.  10-15 minutes of blood-curdling screams, then next thing you know, he had passed out.

My original plan was to get him to sleep on the mattress with me, then to put him in his cot to see how long he lasted.  I decided not to follow through with that plan on the first night.  Instead, he did go to sleep in his own room (first night ever), so to stop him from being up in a couple of hours, he would remain on the mattress with me on the floor.

He done extremely well.  He had a whimper at about 4:30am, but as soon as I ‘plugged’ his little mouth with the dummy, he was gone again.  He woke up properly at 9:45am.

The only downside to last night was the pain for me and my husband.  I was cold, so hubby had put the heating on very low.  He was suffering in our bedroom with the heat, constantly up and down throughout the night to get a drink and trying to cool down.  For me, it was the agony of the mattress.  You’d think that putting a memory-foam mattress on a floor would give you extra benefits with the support, but instead I think I would have been better off on the airbed…  My hip was touching the floor through the mattress, my shoulder was really painful, and my back has gone.  I hardly slept.

However, if this little ‘experiment’ means that it will get my beautiful baby to go to sleep and wake up in his own room & bed, it’s worth it.

So, well done baby.  Night one is over with.  Husband is staying on the floor in baby’s room for night two.

Any thoughts?

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