Hush-a-bye baby – Night Eight

So, the experiment failed.  Last night was night 8, and we had resorted to the memory foam mattress being returned to our bed, and for the first time in a week, my husband and I spent the night together.  Our little man joined us about 2:30am after his wake-up.

I know it’s naughty, and I can’t tell you enough the amount of times people have said to us that we shouldn’t have him in bed with us, but there’s only so much ‘no sleep’ a person can have before you’re literally exhausted.  It’s just easier this way.  Afterall, we realised that we were getting much more sleep when our son was coming in to the big bed with us, rather than one of us being in babys’ room with him.

All the websites recommend trying to put your baby in their cot when they are very sleepy but still awake.  They state that at 18 months old, your child should stop getting used to being cuddled / rocked to sleep, and they should be able to get themselves to sleep.  Waking up  somewhere different to where you went to sleep is always a daunting task for anyone, but it can upset a baby.  The example it gives on one of the sites is based on an adult.  Imagine going to sleep on a pillow, then waking up at some point throughout the night to realise that your pillow has gone.  You wake up a little more wondering where it has gone, and eventually become conscious that it’s not there, eventually rousing you to fully awake…  If a baby were to wake up and things are different, this gives cause to wake up fully, and in a lot of senses, to get upset as things are not the same as when they went to sleep.

I understand the concept of it, and I understand the importance of it, and even though seeing it written down, makes a lot of sense, it’s so much easier said than done.

So now we’re back to phase one.  I have an 18 month old son who has one nap a day (of somewhere between 1 and 2 hours), and who goes to sleep for the night about 10:30pm-11pm, gets put in his cot, wakes up about 2am-3am and then spends the rest of the night in the ‘big bed’ with me and hubby…  He does usually sleep deeply and thoroughly when he’s in bed with us.

Does anyone else have something similar to this?  Has anyone else had something similar to this?  If you used to have this problem, what did you do to overcome it?

We have tried the whole ‘tough love’ thing, where we ignore him when he wakes up and cries throughout the night, but there is only so long we can leave him sobbing.  There was one night when he started hyperventilating because of all the sobs.  Hearing and seeing him like that literally breaks my heart.

I’ll make a post every now and again based on his sleeping schedule, but at the moment, it’s a nightmare.

One thought on “Hush-a-bye baby – Night Eight

  1. I’m planning on having my son in bed with me. It’s so hard to know what’s best for your kids because every book, literally pretty much, every one say a different thing is best.


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