Am I eating chicken or tuna?

I am sitting in my recliner chair, feet up, laptop on my knee, watching my 18 month old with a fork and spoon.  On his plate is a portion of boiled white fish (cod) and a small amount of tomato sauce.

He’s tried so many times before to feed himself, yet every time he stabbed the food, or carefully placed it on the spoon (with his hand), it’d slip off or break in two.  None of it ever made it to his mouth.

Now I see my beautiful little man successfully stabbing, or shoveling  a small piece of fish and it’s making its’ way to his lips.  His mouth opens…  It’s made it.  He’s managed to eat half of the portion before my husband takes over to assist him.  It seems that the little man has worn himself out by feeding himself.  I am so proud.

We have a long way to go before he can manage feeding himself other variants of food, such as spaghetti, but we’re certainly not that far away.  Who knows; but when we go out for my hubby’s  birthday on the 23rd, he may be able to manage to eat his dinner with something other than his hands.

Any thoughts?

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