Oh this comfy bed…

My little man is 21 months old.  Since he was born, he has probably slept in his own bed, right through the night, for about 6 months in total.  That means my husband and I have had the pleasure of a third person in bed with us for roughly 15 months.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling up to my precious bundle of joy, but there are some nights when all I want to do is sleep, without being pushed out of the bed…

Thus I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t like his cot.

The cot in question is 32 and a half years old.  How do I know?  My dad built it for me.

It is made out of beautiful oak, and has been wood-stained mahogany.  When my dad found out he was going to be a grandad, one of the first things he did was to get my old cot and crib out of the attic to refurbish them.  My son was in my rocking crib for about 5 months, until he outgrew it.  He never had any problem in sleeping in there.  When we moved him in to his cot (in his own room), he slept right the way through for a while…  Then the wake-ups started.

Now I just think he likes the comfort of the “big bed”.  He often takes himself to bed (alone), and he will tuck himself in too.  Fancy that.  A 21 month old in a king-size bed.  Sometimes he shouts at my husband and I if we disturb him…  So there’s my predicament.

What is the right age to move your baby to a bed?  A real bed.  As in, with no “sides” to keep him ‘locked in’.

I’ve been looking at toddler beds recently, and they say “suitable for 18 months to 4 years old”.  Sounds good, and the prices are affordable too.  I could buy a wonderful ‘car’ or ‘boat’ frame for around £90 ($140-ish US), but then there’s another £200 ($300-ish US) on top of that for a mattress…  What an extortionate price for something that my little man will outgrow before his 4th birthday…

So, let’s forget about the interim bed and move him straight to a “real” bed.  In the attic, at my parents house, my old single bed is wrapped up in poly-wrap; as well as my (exceedingly!) comfortable mattress.  The whole thing is in excellent condition.  But do I just jump straight to this for him?  There’s the safety aspect that I would have to consider; for example, (again) my son is 21 months old.  Will he fall out of the bed, because it is too high?  I’d like to place a very large bet on “yes”.  So if I chose that path, I would have to purchase side rails for him.  I’ve just priced these, and for a “folding bed rail – in blue”, I’m looking at £25 ($40-ish US).  Would I need just one, for the top end; or would I need two to completely secure him, hence bringing us back to the same problem of the cot..?

I’m at a whim.  I’ll keep you all updated, because I can’t see him still having his cot by the end of summer.

Any thoughts?

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