Bee Kind

I like bees.

If it weren’t for bees, the human population would soon come to a complete halt.  As Einstein once quoted, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Rather interesting, don’t you think?

Bees have a purpose in this world.  They help to pollinate the world, and they create a food source that millions of people enjoy.  Did you know that pure honey will never spoil?  Another interesting fact right there.



The picture above is far from perfect, but I managed to catch this bee in flight.


I caught the little fella above causing riot against my beautiful jasmine.  Every other jasmine blossom that he landed on dropped under his sheer weight.  He must be a little fatty in his world…


I’m far from an expert on bees…  In fact, I only know a few things about them.  Bumble bees are large, docile, majority black:  Bees will only attack when they feel threatened:  Bees make honey:  Bees help humans to survive.

I just wanted to share my love.

Any thoughts?

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