My Neighbour is a Prostitute

It started a few months after we moved in to this house.  There would often be two or three different cars pulling up, outside my neighbours house.  I never thought anything of it.  A large family.  Friends visiting.  Purely innocent.

It was several months ago when I made a joke, saying that she’s a bit of a tramp, as she always went out with whomever arrived.  She’d come back a few hours later.  Then, a short while after, another car would turn up, and she’d be out again.

The cars are not the average for this area.  Where I live, you’d expect to see Corsa’s, Peugeots, old Fords…  These cars are new.  BMW’s, Merc’s, etc.  All the drivers are men.  Different men at that.  I honestly think that since Monday, I’ve seen 10 different cars; and today is only Thursday.

It makes me wonder…


This woman is easily in her 40’s.  My guesses are mid-forties.  She lives with her mother and father, and her brother.

My grandmother used to live in this house before me.  She was friends with the woman in questions’ parents, so through my grandmother gossiping, that’s how I know who lives in the house.

The father in question, spends at least 8 hours a day – rain or shine – in his garden.  Every day, he cuts the grass with his lawnmower.  A few times a week, this man then gets his scissors  and rule out on the grass…


The mother, I’ve only seen once in the past 3 years.  I know she hasn’t passed away, because there hasn’t been any ‘usual signs’ of death.  I swear she is kept chained up somewhere…

The brother has to be the strangest.  By my guess, I’d say he was late forties / early fifties.  Every day, sometimes a few times a day, he drives to the shop, and comes back with nothing.  The local shop is only 20 houses down the road, so it would take the average person literally 2 minutes to walk there.  I’ve seen him go in to the shop, and come out with nothing at all.  Well, maybe he buys something that is immediately put in to his pockets…  Who knows?!

He is a cantankerous man.  I remember a couple of years ago, when my husband was photographing a birds nest in the garden.  This man asked what my hubby was doing…  When he replied, this vile man put his hand straight in to my tree to try and get rid of the nest.  Luckily, he didn’t succeed, and the birds managed to hatch many wonderful fledglings.


There is something else that I think is a bit abnormal…  It doesn’t happen so much any more, but the brother used to have frequent visits from strangers carrying packages.  Each one was a different shape and size, calling at all different hours of the day (and night!!), these parcels were not something as simple as a catalogue order.  Occasionally, we used to regularly see an unmarked vehicle pull up, and two police officers, in full uniform, get out and knock on the door.  The police would never enter the house, and seemed to question the brother each time…

Seems a little bit dodgy to me.

Drug Dealing

So there’s a bit of an insight to where I live.  And that’s just one house on my road.  Imagine the tales I could tell if I blogged about each of the 35 houses in my street.

Any thoughts?

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