Networking Ladders are NOT Fair

As I have said, time and time again, I have several pages on Facebook.  One of which is a small business, for my Treasures and Trinkets.

If you own a page for a small business on facebook, it is vital that you join as many networking pages as possible to build your clientele and contacts.

Some networking pages on facebook play “ladders”.  For those of you who don’t know what a ladder is, it’s when you have the chance to plug your page to lots of people at one time.  The general rule is that you ‘share’ the ladder on your business page; tag your page on the status; and ‘like’ / become a fan of some other pages that tag themselves.  In return, you will gain some extra ‘likes’ and fans yourself.

Some networking pages post a couple of other ‘sponsored’ pages, that they would like you to become a fan of before you tag your own page and share the status too.

About two hours ago, I decided to join in with one of the networking ladders that appeared on my newsfeed.

As the ‘rules’ went, I was required to share the status on my business page, ‘like’ the 3 sponsored pages listed, then tag my page below.  So I did.  I then went on to ‘like’ four other pages that had tagged their links underneath.  I posted on their walls to introduce myself and my page.

Then, the networking page that was hosting the ladder began to tag lots of other pages in the comments.  There was suddenly a list of over 50 other pages that were required to be ‘liked’.

I decided to draw the line there, and I pulled out.  I removed my tag, deleted the ‘share’ from my page and had a bit of a rant.

So, how many likes did my page receive in return?  None.

How many other people suffer with the unfairness of networking ladders?  I’d be intrigued to hear.

Any thoughts?

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