Day 9 – I don’t eat fish

Anything that lives in water, that is edible, is seafood.  Me?  I don’t like seafood.

Unless you count prawns.  But they have to be smothered in ‘Marie Rose’ sauce as part of a prawn cocktail.  I can’t eat prawns on their own.


Oh.  And cod / haddock.  I do enjoy a nicely battered fish with chips and mushy peas.



The best ever battered fish I have had is from a tiny backstreet chippy, in a small fishing town called Mallaig, in the Highlands of Scotland.



It is SO expensive for a fish and chips (no peas) to take away (£7.50), and they have the cheek to charge you 5p for a little fork too, but oh my gosh…  I would pay £15 for this treat.

Whenever we go out for dinner, if scampi is on the menu, I’ll order that.

I have literally just finished eating a small portion of ‘yellow fish’ (smoked cod), peas and a couple of rounds of buttered bread.  Scrummy.  

I have tried salmon, I don’t like it; and apart from Tuna (and the others listed above), I will not try any other type of seafood.  I used to eat cockles from the seaside.

I know what you’re thinking.  ‘How can she say that she doesn’t like, or doesn’t eat seafood if she eats so much seafood?’

The answer is this.  I don’t like the ‘idea’ of seafood.

But hey.  Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole British fish & chips?

Any thoughts?

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