Day 17 – Literal Lyrics

Greetings Insanely Normal fans 😀

I struggled with finding a title for this post, but I chose one that I thought would best suit what I was trying to do.  Only I am going to do it with song lyrics.

First on my playlist is ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga

Lyrics:”I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.  Papa-paparazzi…
“Reality:”I’m your biggest stalker, I’m going to follow you until you have to get a restraining order on me.”

Next on my list is the lovely Leona Lewis, with ‘Bleeding Love’.


“My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing, you cut me open and I, keep bleeding…”


  1. If you keep bleeding, you should really get that checked out because you might be suffering with Hemophilia.
  2. If you keep letting him cut you to begin with, then damn girl, you really should get out of that relationship!

Third on my list is this 80’s classic by Sinitta.  This is called ‘Toy Boy’


“Everybody’s talking when they see me walking with this little boy of mine.  He’s my play thing and I love him.  I dress him up looking fine.  He ain’t got money, people think it’s funny, he gives me everything I need…  He’s my playboy and my love toy and I want everyone to know:  He’s my toy boy…”


“I’m a paedophile!!!!”

Next..!  This is Sam and the Womp with ‘Bom Bom’


“I have 16 pints of rum and then I go Bom Bom!”


“I have to go to the hospital immediately to get my stomach pumped”


“I’ve got a pie in my pocket, pie in my pocket, an eye in my socket.”


Why on earth would you have a pie in your pocket?  Furthermore, if you didn’t have an eye in your socket, I would be a little worried.


“Me got life, Me got style, Me got nothing on my mind.”


You really need grammatical education…

I think I’m going to start keeping a notebook of literal lyrics that I hear, and I will keep adding to this post (in a sense, i.e. part 1, part 2, etc.).  I think I’ve started on something here…

Any thoughts?

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