Day 22 & 23 – Ohh…

Hello world!

I needed yesterday to recover from the shame of the 16 second video of myself that I posted.  In my honest opinion, it was 16 seconds too long, but at least you got to see / hear me, and now you know that I am real!

I’m currently in the process of trying to work out how to take a ‘legal’ video whilst driving.

I have a phone holder, that attaches to my windscreen via a suction cup.  It’s very strong, and manoeuverable, and I was able to set my smartphone up so the camera was pointing out of the window…  I stumbled on two problems.  The first was that it shook because of the vibrations of the car.  Hmmm…  It just didn’t like it when I put my foot down…  The second problem was that the camera was too much of a distraction, therefore if the police would see me do that, I’d surely be pulled over.

The only other thing that I can think of, would be to get my DSLR, and to ‘wedge’ it in one of the corners on my dash, pointing out the window.  That would be a good idea, although I would have to do a lot of editing when I get home.  Afterall, I have to think of my own privacy, and I need to hide the directions to/from my house from any ‘landmarks’ around this area, ha ha 🙂

I don’t know why I want to do it.

It was actually suggested to me as a possible thing I could vlog about (sort of).  To make a short video on (driving on) the roads in my area, and to show some people what is the wrong side of the road to them (but it’s the CORRECT side of the road…  Everyone else drives on the wrong side, ha ha).  I laughed it off at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.  I would have to think about where I would drive…  Should I show off the immediate local area, or should I go somewhere else..?


Yes.  That is my local ‘village’.  Quite nasty really…  Ha ha.

That’s giving me another idea actually.  How would a compilation of photographs (that I take) of my local area / the city in which I live, edited together in to a video work?  I think that’s another possibility.


And this is the beautiful city that I live in.  Or a small part of it anyway…

Hmmm…  Choices, choices…  Let’s see what the weekend brings.

Any thoughts?

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