A visit to the Tooth Fairy

I thought it was about high time to introduce my son to the dentist.  He has all of his baby teeth, and with him turning three later on this week, I thought now was a good time to do it.

I told my little man that I had made him an appointment at the dentists’, to see the Tooth Fairy.  I explained to him that the Tooth Fairy would have a look inside his mouth, count his teeth, and would make sure that he was brushing his “peggies” properly.  He was excited from the start, and has constantly been asking me if he could go to the dentist “now”.

Today was the day…  I got him dressed, and he asked where we were going.  I said that we were going to the dentist…  I wish that I would have got his reaction on camera, because he was so excited.  He performed his “happy dance”, where he jumps around on his toes, and he squealed too!

Waiting in the reception area, whilst I was completing the paperwork, he was admiring all the toothbrushes that were on display in the office.  “Mmymmy, can I have a new toothbrush, please?” was the question that was repeated about 20 times…  I replied that we would have to see if he was brushing his teeth properly, and if the dentist said his teeth were nice, that he would get a new one.

His name was called, and we went through to the surgery.  The dentist greeted him, and asked him to sit on the big chair.  He climbed up, shimmied back, and leaned nicely.  He then said to the dentist, “are you the Tooth Fairy?”.

He was a little angel all the way through.  He opened his mouth wide when he was asked to, and he stuck out his tongue too.  He, unfortunately, has the ulcer back on his tongue (perfect timing really)…  The dentist queried that with me, and I replied that it was a reoccurring thing.  It would often come and go, but when it was there, it would often become very big.  She has referred him to see an Orthodontist at the hospital, just to ensure that it’s nothing serious.

At the end of the visit, my little man was awarded with stickers, pencils, a “I’ve been brave at the dentist” bracelet, and a flashing toothbrush.  

I am so proud of my little guy, and I hope this bravery continues for each and every visit that he has to make at the dentist in the future.

Any thoughts?

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