Sleigh bells ring; can you hear them?

No?  Me either.

It’s 2nd December, and no matter how hard I am trying, I just cannot get in to the festive mood.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated; tinsel dons the picture frames, and lines the Welsh dresser; our fireplace is decorated with tinsel, advent calendars and stockings…

Then there are empty boxes scattering the floor; bits of “broken” tinsel lay uninterrupted where they landed…  Three wrapped Christmas presents are in the middle of the floor; amongst the yet-to-be-disposed-of boxes; because I just can’t be bothered putting them under the tree.

It could be down to hormones.  I’m still overly tired.  Even when I do the simplest thing, I’m convinced that I need to go to bed to ‘sleep it off’.  I know I can’t do that though because I have an amazing three year old little man, who is always on the go.  I have enough energy to play with him; in small bursts; but no energy to make the front room look “liveable” again.

In fact, other than the pregnancy thing, I’m fairly sure that I was in this situation last year too.  I just couldn’t get the Christmas spirit then either.

And I refuse to turn in to my “Scrooge McDuck” husband (only joking, ha ha)…  I really want the Christmas bug, but I just can’t find it to get bitten by it!

Anyone else feeling the same?  Is it too early in December to start worrying that I am turning in to the Grinch?

Any thoughts?

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