It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yep.  It most certainly is.

I awoke later than I had planned today…  I actually forgot to switch my alarm on.  It needs to be set of a Wednesday, Thursday and a Friday, so I can be up in time to make sure everything is ready for me to take my little man to school (nursery).  My alarm is usually set for 6:45am; and I constantly knock the “sleep” button for about an hour.  This morning, I woke up (after a rather bad nights’ sleep) at 8:30am.  Normally, this is the time that I am leaving the house…

Oh well.  Gning obviously needed his sleep, as this is the second night on the run that he has had trouble in sleeping.  Tossing and turning all night; snoring rather heavily…  Because he had such an uncomfortable night, so did I.  I do worry about him constantly.  So this morning, I left him to his own devices.

A little after 9am, he stumbled in to the front room with the usual whinges.

By 9:30am, he was bouncing along the pavement, and went in to the school with no problems what-so-ever.


It’s almost 2:30pm, and I’m on my second “Christmas” film of the day.  Let me give you a clue…  “Do you wanna’ build a snowman?”  Oh, I love this film 🙂

I think it’s hitting me, everyone…  I think the Christmas spirit is starting to show…

Any thoughts?

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