It’s going to be a Frugal year!

Happy New Year!!  May all your wishes for 2015 come true this year 🙂

I don’t usually make resolutions for the New Year.  I’ve made them in the past, and the longest I have ever kept them were for about two weeks…

Anyway, for 2015, I have decided that I am going to try and actually make use of our recycle bins (we have two – just chuck anything that can be recycled in them…  We don’t have to sort and sift), and that I am going to try to reuse / repurpose items that are otherwise just going to be chucked in the bin.

For example, I have just sorted out the Christmas cards that we received for Christmas 2014 (I can no longer say this year!  Ha ha), and I thought, seen as I will need to buy more tags for Christmas presents later in the year, I will make use of the Christmas cards.

With the smaller cards, I cut off just the front…


These will be perfect for any larger gifts that I buy.

The larger cards were easy to sort out.  The fronts of the cards were simply too big, but some of the pictures were just so adorable, so I cut them right down.


Don’t you just love the circular cut out with the robin?

There was one particular card that was large, and it had two pictures on the front.  The first was a tag in itself, and the second was a large robin.  To cut the both out in to one tag would only be suitable for a (super) large present, so I made two out of one.


The other cards were all larger in size, and the pictures were just too big.  There was no way I would be able to break them down.

I used just a straight pair of scissors to cut these cards up, but if you’re more creative, you can use zigzag, or wavy scissors…  Whatever you have in your drawers 🙂

With the above count, I managed to create 14 tags.  That’s probably about £1 that I have saved.  I am going to ask my parents if I can have their cards too.

Granted, a £1 is not a lot, but in the long run, every penny counts!

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