29 weeks and counting…

Can you believe that I am now 29 weeks?!  I know!!  I’ve been wondering where the time has gone myself.

Oh yes…  Before I continue; here’s an updated pic of me…

Bump and Me

Tuesday was a rather busy day for us…  First thing in the morning was the first of my “growth scans”.  Everything looks good.  The sonographer commented that he (baby) is a perfect size, looks nice and healthy, but has a “big belly”.  Taking after me already then.  Immediately after the ultrasound was an antenatal check with my consultant.  She’s happy with my progress, and stated that she will be able to “pencil me in” for my section during my next appointment (which will be 32 weeks).  I’m rather excited to say that I’ll have a prospective date for when my little man will be joining us.

That wasn’t all…  Immediately following the antenatal clinic, I had to give my bloods to check for any abnormalities.  This morning, I got a letter stating that I am anaemic.  I need to increase the amount of iron in my diet as a matter of urgency – I have also been advised in this letter that I should get a prescription from my doctor for iron tablets.  Something else for me to add to my current list of ailments.

Going back to Tuesday though, we headed home after the hospital, for an hours ‘rest’ before having to go out again.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to a shop called “Hello Baby”.  This is a specialist shop, offering 3d and 4d private scans.  I honestly think that this visit was number 7 for us…  Hubby and I decided that Tuesday would be the final one though.  All other attempts on trying to see our little mans’ face were unsuccessful.  He had his face firmly buried in to my placenta, so was determined that we were not going to see how beautiful he was until his birth day.

Not so though.  He was in a perfect position, and we got to see his face…



The above, Insanely Normal followers, is going to be the latest addition to our household.  So exciting.

Just to top Tuesday off (as if all the above wasn’t enough), I had an appointment to see the Nurse Practitioner in my local surgery for a Whooping Cough vaccination.  Meh.

Oh, what I didn’t mention is that a few weeks ago, I went to see a specialist physiotherapist, who stated that I am suffering with pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PRPGP).  This basically means that all the bones in my hip and pelvic area have separated slightly to adjust for the pregnancy, but the bones are not as supple as a “textbook pregnancy”.  Hmph!  Unfortunately for me, I can barely make it around Asda for my weekly shop without having to stop halfway around the shop to have a “breather”.  It’s actually so I can rest, and give my bones a slight chance to catch up with the rest of me, lol.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, as well as upping the iron in my diet; increasing the amount that I drink (apparently I am dehydrating myself too); having to keep an eye on my sugar intake (gestational diabetes); and having to check my blood sugars five times a day; I think I’m done for now.  If anything else crops up in the mean-time, I think I’m just going to scream!!  Ha ha.

Any thoughts?

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