The 10 Most Hated Foods in the UK

A survey by Save the Children has uncovered the 10 most hated foods in the country.

10.  Marzipan.  The super sweet cake topper came in at 10th place, with 26% of people saying that they can’t stand it.  Here’s a tip for you…  If you hate marzipan, like I do, you can cover your cakes with a simple buttercream instead.

9.  Liquorice.  This is clearly not a nationwide favourite, as 28% of people voted it as their worst food.  I happen to agree.

8.  Olives.  The salty texture of olives saw them get a whopping 33% of the vote.  I would love to say that I do like olives, but after several attempts at both the green and black variety, I find the flavour too much.

7.  Blue cheese.  34% of the people asked said they could not stand the strong flavours of blue cheese.  I agree.

6.  Sushi.  It may be the idea more than the actual flavour, but raw fish dish sushi got a whopping 37% of the vote.  However, sushi is the type of rice used…  I have often bought a “vegetarian” sushi box from my local Tesco, and have found it quite enjoyable.  I wouldn’t eat the fish though…

5.  Black Pudding.  Again, the idea of this one may actually be worse than the taste.  Black pudding may be made with blood, but the taste is quite similar to sausages.  Why not try a little of someone elses’ black pudding before you write off the idea completely?  You may be surprised and quite like it.  For me, a fully cooked breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a big slab of black pudding.

4.  Tofu.  It’s a food that you don’t often come across unless you are a vegetarian, but tofu is divisive enough to make it to the fourth spot with 42% of the vote.  I cannot comment on this one…  I’ve actually never tried it, and if I am being hones, I don’t really want to.

3.  Anchovies.  These little fish are packed with a deep salty flavour so it’s not a surprise that not everyone is a fan – 45% of people said they can’t stand these little fishy fellas.  Me included.

2.  Liver.  It may be packed full of nutrients, but it’s clearly not the top of everyones’ shopping list.  46% of people said they don’t like the old fashioned food.  Well, although I don’t eat it often, I can always tell if my iron levels are running a little low, because I have a craving for liver every now and again.  Plus it’s just delicious in an onion gravy, served with mashed potatoes.

And coming in at number 1…

Oysters.  The most hated food in the country, 47% of people said they hated the posh treat.  Again, I cannot comment, and I intend to keep it that way.  My dad has eaten oysters on several occasions, and he has said it’s ‘just like swallowing snot…’.  Not something I’d like to attempt to agree or disagree.

So, do you love or hate any of these foods? Are there some foods missed out that should definitely be on the list? Comment below

Any thoughts?

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