Conditioner before shampoo?

I think one of my next posts is going to be about my hair.

I know what you’re thinking…  Why your hair?

Well, my hair is long.  I’m not talking down to my knees long, but it reaches my waist.  It’s not only the length of my hair, though, it’s also the condition of it.  Granted, at this very moment, I do need a trim, as I am starting to struggle with stray-aways, but generally speaking, it’s long and healthy.  Above all, I love my hair!

Portrait of Beautiful Woman with smooth gloss long hair. High quality image.

Definitely not me, but you get the point… 

So the title of this post really says it all.

I condition my hair once every two weeks only, and it’s the way that I do it that’s somewhat different.

I’m going to be honest – I absolutely love my shampoo…  It’s Garnier Ultimate Blends – Mythic Olive; and the smell…  Mmmmm…  There’s only one problem.  The price.


Look out for this in the shops, and grab it when it’s on offer!

It’s currently £6.00 for a 400ml bottle of shampoo, and the same for the conditioner.  I only buy it when it’s on special offer (I’ve managed to get it for as cheap as £2 once…).  My conditioner, however, although it smells delightful, is not as “satisfying” as my shampoo.

Let’s get down to the main reason of this post.

Have you ever used conditioner before you shampoo?  I do, and it really works.

Here’s what I do:

  • As soon as I am in the shower, I wet my hair, and apply a decent amount of conditioner.  Always start off with the ends, and then work upwards.  Avoid the roots completely – for now.
  • Continue your shower normally, leaving the conditioner on for as long as you need.
  • Pull some excess conditioner out of the lengths of your hair, and gently massage your scalp with it for a couple of seconds.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Now it’s time for you to shampoo your hair!  Do as you normally do – lather it up as much as you can, and rinse thoroughly, until the water runs clear (i.e. no bubbles).

Lather up that shampoo!!

  • Towel dry your hair, and try to allow it to dry naturally – or for as long as possible if you are going to blow dry it.

The above method leaves my hair clean, shiny and strong…  And is obviously helping with the growth too!

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Any thoughts?

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