Day 15 – My 100th Post

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have done it.  This is my 100th post.



I should really write about something really interesting, or something that would make people laugh or go “ooooo”, but…  I am actually struggling in what to write.

I know…  I’ll do a list.

Here’s some *myths* thought of the English (and some truths too…) with some pictures to help!

  • We are very polite (obviously never met me)
  • We like to queue (ok, a little bit of truth in that one)
  • We say “pip pip” and “tally ho old chap” (only in a joke…  Unless you’re posh)
  • We eat crumpets all the time (hardly – they’re too expensive)


  • We eat ‘English Muffins’ all the time (nope – actually, that’s more of an American thing)


  • We all love scones (as long as they come plastered with jam and clotted cream)


  • We have bad teeth (we have ‘real’ teeth – we don’t get our teeth capped at the first opportunity)
  • We all eat fish & chips (quite true!)
  • We don’t complain (ha!  Actually, we complain all the time – “waiter!  This meal isn’t fit enough for the rats in your kitchen!”
  • We all come from London (wrong!)
  • You can drive to Paris for a day trip (yeah, because it’d only take you 8hr 19 to get there from where I live (thank you Google directions 😀  ha ha))
  • We are all British (I’m English.  I am not Scottish, not Welsh, not Irish…  I am not British.  I am English)
  • We’re all upper-class (nope – I’m good old ‘working class’ and proud)
  • Tea-drinkers (ok, this one is true too)
  • We all drink from china teacups, and we have to have a saucer (tea does taste better from a china cup, but give me a builders mug any day)
  • We all know the Queen (of course, dear, she comes round for tea and crumpets, daily; lol)


  • Warm beer (nope.  Lager is served from the fridge – Beer (i.e. bitter, real ale, stout) is served at room temperature)
  • Football hooligans (mmm…  So, so.  Yes, the majority of the hooligans come from England, but not every football fan is a hooligan – Oh!  By the way…  That’s ‘soccer’ to you Americans 😛  ha ha x)
  • It always rains in England (almost completely true!)
  • We swear too much (yep)
  • We all live in castles (of course!  I’ll just let my hair down from the tower…)
  • We give our foods unusual names, such as toad in the hole, Welsh rarebit and bangers & mash (true!)
  • Everyone owns a dog, and looks after it better than themselves or their children (nope)
  • We’re all cricket fans (actually, a minority like cricket)
  • We all have a stiff-upper lip (hmmm…)
  • We’re all Morris Dancers (again, nope – I can’t stand it)


  • We eat jellied eels…  (Eww! *bluergh*)


  • Everyone is a chef (not true, although the worlds’ most famous chefs are English)
  • We’re all for ‘Queen and Country’ (maybe 50 years ago…)
  • We all smoke (not true)
  • We’re all prudes (actually, we’re not quite up to scratch with Germany, but we’re definitely not prudish)
  • We have mastered sarcasm (absolute truth)
  • We have all had a nanny or an au pair as a child (thanks Supernanny and Mary Poppins, but not everyone can afford you)
  • Everyone in England is pale skinned (if you a true Brit, you should be pale skinned and fair haired, aka an ‘English Rose’)
  • London is constantly covered in smog (sometimes, yes)
  • We’re all witches (nope)
  • We complain when it rains; we complain when it’s sunny; we complain when it snows; we complain when it’s windy (ALL TRUE)
  • We’re punctual (I’m late for everything, so wrong..!)
  • We all wear socks with sandals (noooooo!!)
  • We all look like Mr. Bean or Austin Powers (lol)


  • We all talk like Austin Powers (nooo!  Well, maybe in London 😉  lmao)
  • We all love gardening (if you saw my gardens, you’d very much disagree)
  • We are all in to antiques (I like old stuff, but I don’t go hunting for it)

Sorry for my post not being that impressive today, although I thought some of the above was worth a giggle.  See you all tomorrow ❤