“Choo choo”

I just got home from work, and needed a wee, so – as you do, I popped to the bathroom, and shut the door behind me.

Next thing you know, the door opens, and a certain 1 year old joins me.  He then insisted that I couldn’t move until I read a book to him…

So, what should have been a 60 second affair turned in to 10 minutes of sitting on the toilet, pants around ankles, with a child on my knee, whilst reading about a little blue train that goes “Choo choo”.

The joys of parenthood.


‘Empress Orchid’ by Anchee Min – Review

“Orchid kowtowed to the Grand Empress and the emperor. She knew she was not allowed to make eye contact, but she couldn’t help herself.”

I like to read. Books fascinate me. I don’t know whether it’s because I have such a great imagination or whether I can relate to the descriptions of certain things throughout the novel.

Empress Orchid was a great read. Anchee Min described the indescribable.

Brief outline
Orchid is a 16 year old girl. Her father had just died, and she, her brother, sister and mother are on their way with the coffin to the grand city to give her father the burial he deserves. Something happens along the way which makes Orchid think that her life could be more than that of a “taipeng” (commoner).

Whilst staying with her uncle, she sees a poster announcing that the Emperor, Hsieng-feng, is now ready to select his wives and concubines. Orchid goes along to the selection.

Life is not good for Orchid when she enters the Forbidden City. She is not of royal blood, and the other women and girls know it.

Ok, so what would you expect to happen if there were over 5000 women fighting each other for the Emperors attention? Slanging matches? Fisty-cuffs? Yes, you would expect that, but that never happens. Orchid and the other Empresses try to ruin each other’s lives using dark and sly techniques. Some are successful, with some girls being honoured with the “white sash”, meaning they have to hang themselves. Others, meanwhile, are planning and plotting to be in total control.

Things get even worse when the Emperor dies.

Orchid is a fighter, and she never gives up. She is walked all over, and disrespected, but she always holds her head up high…

A partially-erotic, bitchiness, political love story that will make you wanting more. The book is fiction, but many facts are included.

Total Bookworm

My previous post was about spinning ideas on writing my own book.  The problem that I am struggling with at the moment, is what genre I should go with.  Should I go back in time, to write a book similar to what I started, in the ‘Point Horror’ genre, or should I write a book in the thriller / mystery style..?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have a teeny tiny obsession with Ancient Egypt, so maybe I could write something based on my knowledge of the mystical surroundings of the great Pharoah’s of the promised lands..?

Anyway, whilst I’m contemplating over the genre of my ‘story’, I have had another idea on what I can do for my book.

I am an avid crafter.  I create my own jewellery and accessories.  I love to create things.  So, what a better way to show off my creative side that to produce a craft book, filled with projects that you can make at home?

Yes.  I like that idea very much.

Watch this space…

Living in an imaginative world

I love to read.  When I was in my early teens, I read the ‘Point Horror’ collection.  These were a series of books that we composed with amazing skills…  The authors knew how to reach out to the reader, to put them in the scenario in which they were reading about.

At the same time, the ‘Goosebumps’ books were out…  I tried to read those, but I found them too childish for my ‘older-than-most’ mind.  The Point Horror collection really gripped me.

Can anyone remember the old Windows programme, Word Perfect 2.0?  We’re going back a few years there, huh?

Well, when I was about 14, or 15, I started to write a story using Word Perfect 2.0.  I was writing in a way similar to the Point Horror authors.  After a week or so, I realised that my story was no longer a short one, as I had intended, I decided to just keep writing…  Page after page was written…  Eventually, I had the start of a book that was at 170 pages…  And still going.

The problem what I had now began stumbling on where to go next.  I knew what was going to happen next, and I already had the end of the book worked out, but I was struggling with how to get there.  I had writers block.

I saved the story on a floppy disc, and I put it away to return to when I had a plan.

Soon the weeks turned in to months…  The months turned in to years…

When I was about 21, or so, I found the disc.  I tried to open my file on the computer, however with the evolution of the computer, there was now no such thing as Word Perfect.  Microsoft Word was now in full force.  After a lot of searching, I managed to find a downloadable programme that would convert the file for me.

Reading through my work, I smiled at the time, effort and imagination that had poured in to this piece of writing.  But when I got to the end, I was in the same place as before.  I could still remember the ending, but I didn’t know how to get there.

In a moment of madness, I erased my work.  It was as though it had never been written.

Thinking about it now, I was really silly to do such a thing.

However, I have been thinking that maybe I should try again.  I am older now; over double my age from when I first started writing the book; and I have experience.  The experience of the highs and lows of life; the expectations of life; and more importantly, my imagination is in full bloom.  I really must put my creative mind to work.

So, if, in a few years, you see a newly published book in your local bookstore, and it has my name on it, don’t forget where you first heard of me.

Here’s hoping.