Should I play the Euromillions?

Tomorrow night is the Euromillions lottery.  There’s an estimated jackpot of £33m (just below of 39 million / just over $55m) for this weeks big win.  So I thought…  If I was that person to win the full lot, what would I do..?

Ok.  First things first…  I would buy this house:


You can see all the particulars on this house here (will open in new tab).

I would also need to fully kit out the house…  Luckily, the interior looks amazing, so I wouldn’t really need to do anything with decorating, other than for materialistic purposes with pictures, art, etc.

So the house is £498k, then let’s really push the boat out and say I would furnish the full house (everything brand new) for around £75k…

So far I have spent £548,000.  Ok…  I have £32,925,000 left.  Hmmm…

This property has 16 acres of land.  That’s more than I could ever need, so I may contemplate selling off some of it to the local farmers.  With the remaining land, it is suitable for my campsite!  So, that’s what I would do there.  I would fully prepare the land for a *tents only* campsite.  There would be a top of the line amenities block with toilets, showers, payphone…  So with the building, electricity, water, waste disposal and insurance, that would probably set me back £25,0000 (I’m probably WAY off in the cost there, but let’s go with that, ha ha).

There we go…  I’m starting to eat away at my small win… 😉  Ha ha.

I now have £32,900,000 remaining.

Oh my gosh…  I need a car..!!

Now…  I own a campsite in Scotland, so I need to think practicability now.  My first choice would have to be a Ford Kuga:


I have just run through the car specs on the website, the car with my own personalised specs (top of the range) is £35,210.  Pocket change 😉  Ha ha.

Of course, that’s just my day-to-day run around car…  I’m going to need something a little more flashy when it comes to showing off my money, so I’ve opted for the Jaguar XKRS convertible, which starts at £104,490…



Of course, we’d need to add insurance to the above, so that’d probably be around the £7,000 mark…

Let’s blow a little more cash…  I’d put aside £100,000 for a lavish holiday somewhere.  I don’t know where I’d be going yet, but it’d be first class travel, no expense spared luxury.

So I now have £32,653,300 left…

Let’s get on to the ‘goodie-two shoes’ part of the deal.  Yes.  I would give money to charity.

I would happily give £1m each to cancer research (in general), breast cancer research, and the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

I’d have to put some of the money in a savings account to secure my sons future.  It’ll pay for him through university, with so much left over, so there’s another £million gone.

There we go…  Those four big lump sums bring me down to £28,653,300.

Now I’m going to move on to what I will do for my family.  I will quite happily give £1million to my parents.  Some other members of my family would have a choice…  Either I will buy them a new car (up to a limit…), a holiday, or I will give them some cash; although the cash value would be considerably lower than the car / holiday value.  Afterall, I wouldn’t want them just wasting the money!

Hmmm…  Let’s say, after that, I now have approximately £26,000,000 left.  What next, what next..?

I’m clueless!

If you played the lottery, and you won the jackpot tomorrow night, what would you do?