Cucumber toes

Donut enjoyed a wonderful bath whilst the Gning had a nap.  On awaking, Gning went to kiss Donuts’ feet…

“They smell like cucumbers…” he said.

I laughed, and asked “how can they smell like cucumber?  He’s just had a bath!”

Gning replied, “his toes are like cucumbers.  They’re really long…  He has cucumber toes.”

You couldn’t make it up.




                                “I have cucumber toes?”

I need to tell you something… You smell.

New mummies, don’t get mad at me, but I’m about to say some things that might be a little hard to hear. Just listen. I’m coming from a place of no judgment. I’m coming from a place of love. I’m saying these things because you need to hear them and because I care about you and because your friends can’t tell you because you’re a crazy person right now…  Believe me.  I know all of this, because I’ve been there.  Twice.

5 Things New Mummies Need to Hear:

1. You need to put the Internet away for a at least the first month. Your baby doesn’t have that rare illness that you’re reading about. You don’t need to read that story about the mum dropping her baby, or forgetting it somewhere, or a random cat breaking into the house and eating the infant. You don’t need to ask Facebook what formula, or nappies, or sleep training method is right. People have been having babies for a *couple* of years without the Internet, and it seemed to work out just fine. Phone a friend.  Phone your mum.  Because, generally speaking, people on the Internet are arseholes.

2. No, we won’t vote for your baby. Your baby is absolutely the most precious little thing on the planet. We get it, but no one is going to vote for them for the cutest baby contest – even if it does mean you could win a all expenses paid trip around the world for two. Send the link to your parents and if they can figure out how to actually vote, you’re set, because they were the only people who were going to vote anyway. You’ve just saved yourself a tiny little shred of embarrassment. You’re welcome.

3. Sweetie, you stink.  I’m sorry, but if you think that you stink, it’s more than likely because you do.  It’s true.  I’m going to blame it on the hormones, or maybe it’s stress sweat, or maybe it’s because you haven’t showered in days, but you smell a little ripe.  Take a few minutes for yourself and go take a shower.  Please.

4. If you’re feeling crazy, it’s because you are. You’re supposed to be a little crazy right now. You’re probably a little nervous, excited, scared, and exhausted, and you have hormones bouncing around like ping-pong balls. It’s ok.  Honestly.  Just focus on that little model baby of yours and cry in the privacy of your own shower.

5. You’re doing great and you WILL feel normal again one day…  Not today, but one day.  I still quite often look at people whilst I’m out and about, and thinking “LOOK AT THEM! Walking around all normal! Will I ever walk around like a normal person with normal thoughts? Will I ever enjoy a glass of wine again? (Not that I drink anyway, but…)  Will I ever sleep, like REALLY sleep, and not just sort of drift?” It all happens. You sleep. You drink. You walk. You find a new normal-ish…  Just not today, but it will happen. I promise.

A visit to the Tooth Fairy

I thought it was about high time to introduce my son to the dentist.  He has all of his baby teeth, and with him turning three later on this week, I thought now was a good time to do it.

I told my little man that I had made him an appointment at the dentists’, to see the Tooth Fairy.  I explained to him that the Tooth Fairy would have a look inside his mouth, count his teeth, and would make sure that he was brushing his “peggies” properly.  He was excited from the start, and has constantly been asking me if he could go to the dentist “now”.

Today was the day…  I got him dressed, and he asked where we were going.  I said that we were going to the dentist…  I wish that I would have got his reaction on camera, because he was so excited.  He performed his “happy dance”, where he jumps around on his toes, and he squealed too!

Waiting in the reception area, whilst I was completing the paperwork, he was admiring all the toothbrushes that were on display in the office.  “Mmymmy, can I have a new toothbrush, please?” was the question that was repeated about 20 times…  I replied that we would have to see if he was brushing his teeth properly, and if the dentist said his teeth were nice, that he would get a new one.

His name was called, and we went through to the surgery.  The dentist greeted him, and asked him to sit on the big chair.  He climbed up, shimmied back, and leaned nicely.  He then said to the dentist, “are you the Tooth Fairy?”.

He was a little angel all the way through.  He opened his mouth wide when he was asked to, and he stuck out his tongue too.  He, unfortunately, has the ulcer back on his tongue (perfect timing really)…  The dentist queried that with me, and I replied that it was a reoccurring thing.  It would often come and go, but when it was there, it would often become very big.  She has referred him to see an Orthodontist at the hospital, just to ensure that it’s nothing serious.

At the end of the visit, my little man was awarded with stickers, pencils, a “I’ve been brave at the dentist” bracelet, and a flashing toothbrush.  

I am so proud of my little guy, and I hope this bravery continues for each and every visit that he has to make at the dentist in the future.

Lochailort – A little slice of Heaven

I am 220 miles, and a little over 3 hours, passed the border of Scotland. I’ve been driving through the beautiful Highlands, steep roads, ancient culture and rain. I drive right through the town of Fort William (the “Capital” of the Highlands, and I’m heading towards Mallaig on the A830. I’ve been on the Road to the Isles (A830) for a little over 30 minutes and I know I’m just about to see the Lochailort Inn and the Polnish Chapel a little further ahead. The trees sweep over the Munros (mountains) to the side, and a drop down to a sea loch on the other side of the road. You can see why this area has been selected to feature in so many Hollywood films. Lochailort is a small village that lies on the edge of the Loch “Ailort” (pronounced Aisle-ort), which leads out to the Atlantic Ocean. All that is here is an Inn, railway station, a small church and a 19th Century house. A ring road (A861) heads down towards Strontian on Ardnamurchan, and back round a little closer to Fort William. Apart from the absolutely stunning scenery, Lochailort has one of the area’s most notable landmarks. “Our Lady of the Braes” Roman Catholic Church, affectionately known as the Polnish Chapel. The chapel was finished in 1874, but has been abandoned since 1964 except for being used in film. The classic 1983 film Local Hero, where an American oil company sends a representative to purchase an entire village where they want to build a refinery. Things don’t go as expected, and the American ends up staying and living on the beach in a little hut! 1378052_10153320200530790_2020628723_n Now-a-days, you can still walk right up to the church via the cattle gate, but you cannot enter the chapel due to safety reasons. You will see that the slate from the roof has started falling to the ground. The windows are still in immaculate condition, and if you look closely, you can see the details in the writing on the glass. If you do want to take a walk from the road and venture up to the church, I do recommend parking across the road in the pull-in view area. Please be careful when crossing the road, as this is an extremely fast and busy road. Luckily, you can hear traffic coming from a mile or two in distance! 1374745_10153320200850790_846690095_n The Lochailort Inn offers so much more than just a place for a break. The hotel is situated directly on the Road to the Isles, with great views, reasonable priced accommodation and great food. The inn was known to exist from the 1650’s, although there is only recorded information from the 1870’s, then rebuilt in the early 1990’s in the same manner as the original. In the 1890’s, there were several bothies (small houses) built to house the 2000 navvies who were building the West Highland Railway Line (designed and built by Sir Robert McAlpine). In 1901, construction was complete and the West Highland Railway was opened to the public to ease the travel of the 43 miles from Fort William to Mallaig. During the summer months (normally from April to September), there is a Steam Train which runs the 43 miles distance from Fort William to Mallaig. This is the famous Jacobite Steam Train. With pipers waiting at each station to “blow the tourists away” with their enchanting sounds. On the other side of the loch is Inverailort House. This started out as a farmhouse in the 1700’s, and in 1875 extended and refurbished to a shooting lodge. Further extensions took place in 1891 to bring the house to the beauty it is today. In the late 19th Century, Lady Cameron was a keen photographer. She took many photographs of the house and local area. It was unfortunate that most of the glass plates were lost or destroyed when the house was taken over by the military. During the second world war the military used the house as a base for training operations. With such a remote location, the military could move about the area freely and with little difficulty, using the surrounding mountains and waters as resistance training areas. The army moved out of the house on 20th August 1942 and it was then taken over by the Royal Navy when it became known as HMS Lochailort, and used for the training of naval cadets to be officers. The Royal Navy moved out in January 1945. Thankfully, a lot of the photographs from the late 19th Century were saved and published during this time. Today the area is as breath-taking as it has always been. Clear water, rustling trees, the inn, the chapel… I visit this area at least 3 times a year, whilst camping in a near-by village called Arisaig. Personally, if I had the money I would buy the old chapel and refurbish it into a holiday home. The views from the place are amazing, and I bet it would be so popular. The only problem is who to get in contact over it! Definitely a place to visit. Take your time – Stop and stare. How often will you get such clear air? 1382875_10153320201765790_941055221_n

Does it work on little boys too..?

I’m a BzzAgent.  Don’t know what that is?  Well; I’m a member of a site called, BzzAgent.  Ha!  How ironic is that?  Ha ha…  Anyway, that means that every now and again, I take part in, what’s called, a campaign.  I receive a product to try, and I have to review and spread the word (whether it’s good, or bad) about the product.  Then, I have to feedback to the main website to say how I’ve spread the word.


Click the bee to open the BzzAgent website in another tab

For this campaign, I am reviewing “Ariel 3in1 Pods”.

I’ve been using the Fairy gel for quite some time now, as I think the gel products are brilliant.


However, before I had even signed up to this campaign, I was already on the lookout for something new…  Although Fairy tackled the stains, the smell was rather off-putting.


I was so excited when I received my Ariel 3-in-1 pods through the post.  I was so excited, that I couldn’t wait for the campaign to start, so I immediately opened one of the boxes, and ‘popped the pod’ directly in to the drum of my full washing machine.

I don’t normally pay attention to what washing powders / gels / tablets look like, but these were really fun to look at.  A little clear pouch, with 3 compartments, each with a different coloured ‘gel’ inside.  I almost burst one through excitement, as I just couldn’t help but ‘squish’ them, haha.


After the washing machine ‘clicked’, we opened the door.  Oh my word. The smell that escaped with the heat and steam was just amazing.  It not only smelled clean and fresh, but it smelled absolutely divine…  I just can’t describe it.


As you all know, I have a (now) two year old boy, and he is always getting his clothes covered in food, drinks, mud, crayons…  Anything he can get his hands on.  This little tiny pod had no problem what-so-ever in removing all of those difficult stains, and his clothes looked like new again.

I will definitely be switching from Fairy to these Ariel pods in the future, and the best of all? I still have a few vouchers left, after handing them out to family, to stock up too 🙂


Overall rating 10/10.  Highly recommended to everyone.