30 Day Writing Challenge – DAY 2

Write something that someone has told you about yourself that you have never forgot

As most of you know, I am a martial artist.

When I was about 14 years old, the Kung Fu school where I trained was invited to a schools’ open day.  It was similar to a gala / fun day, as I remember there being a fair amount of activities and events going on throughout the day, and I remember the small travelling fair…

Our school were to perform several demonstrations throughout the day, and I can clearly remember one particular technique that I performed on someone twice my age.  The looks on peoples’ faces were that of shock and awe…  I had managed to deliver the perfect ‘Dragon’s Tooth’ which led to the rather bulky male hitting the floor like a ton of bricks…

It was that point when one of the instructors (whom I never actually got along with) had told me “you are a dangerous little girl to play with“.

It made me smile.  I don’t know why…  Maybe it gave me a sense of empowerment.  Maybe that was the reason I never got along with the coach…  Who knows?  But I liked it.