Lead Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me

Tomorrow will be the second consecutive Sunday that our family of four will have been to church.

It’s all so strange…  Personally, I do consider myself to be ‘partially religious’.  I do believe in God, but I couldn’t really care.  I am, if you like, agnostic.  I used to have faith.  I used to regularly go to church as a child, and as a teenager.  When I was in my early twenties, something just snapped inside of me.  I don’t know what it was, or what had caused it, but I was on the verge of breaking.

I can remember driving around one Christmas Eve, looking for a Christmas Carol service.  I must have driven past five or six churches, and looked at their notice boards.  All of them stated that the Carol service had been previously held.  There was not even a special “midnight service” to thank God for the life of Jesus.  It was at that point, as I finally pulled the car over and cried, that I knew I had lost my Faith.

It’s terrible to say, and I have only ever told one person about this before (hubby dearest).  He has never judged me.  For he is an agnostic too.

Several years ago, hubby had proposed, and we were planning a wedding…  I had considered enquiring in a beautiful church in my local village, as my parents and my grandparents (on my fathers side) were married there.  But I never considered myself religious, so I thought a church wedding could be audacious.  My Faith had started to slowly rebuild before the proposal, but I still felt that I needed to regain Gods’ trust, so I let the idea slip completely, thinking that maybe one day in the future, on an anniversary, that we may ask for a marriage Blessing in church.

Gning was Baptised on 1 April 2012.  I can remember everything perfectly about the day, and indeed the lead up to the event.  It was a beautiful day – the sun was shining; everyone dressed up beautifully; and Gning was the last of 3 babies on that day to be Baptised, and welcomed in to the church.  It certainly was a joyous event, and I was – and still am – so happy that we made the decision to have him Baptised.

When Donut arrived, I was eager to get the date booked to have him Baptised, so I could thank God for the life of a second child.  We enquired with the church where Gning was Blessed, only to be told that they are fully booked until March 2016.  Personally, I think they are not fully booked at all, and that they are just trying to put us off booking there, but that’s a story for another time; and I was just not prepared to wait.

Last week the four of us took a trip to beautiful St Michael’s church in the village.  It was a lovely service – lots of families and children, and Gning enjoyed the Superhero theme.  After the service, we had a chat with one of the church wardens about getting Donut Baptised there, and they said that they would be honoured to welcome him in to the church there.

This now brings us full circle…  We have to attend the church every Sunday on the lead up to the Baptism.  This will integrate us in to the church community, and will show the vicar (is that the right word now-a-days?  I’m still so new to all this…) that we are serious about wanting Donut to be an active member of the church.  It’s definitely different.  I never thought that in my mid-thirties that I would be joining a church, and being an active church-goer.  To be honest though, I love the idea.  It’s helping with my Faith even more, ensuring we spend time together as a family – doing something because we want to, rather than because we feel we have to, giving us a purpose to get up of a Sunday, and giving structure to our lives.  It’s funny how one little tiny thing can change your life forever, and I thank God for that.

Day 1 – 40 days of posts

Tuesday, 4 March 2014 was Shrove Tuesday within the Christian community.  It’s known all over the world under different names…  I learned yesterday that it’s called “Fat Tuesday” in the USA.  Here in the UK, we call it “Pancake Day”.

pancakes picture

I didn’t realise what day it was until it was too late.

I headed out to my local Asda to pick up some pancake mix.  Nothing.  The shelves were empty for the batter mix, nutella, golden syrup and maple syrup…  So I thought, ‘ok, let’s do this the real way.  I’ll buy some flour and I will make my own batter!’ So, I headed to the baking aisle…  What?!  The shelves were empty of both plain and self-raising flour!!  Slightly upset and annoyed at my forgetfulness, I returned to my car carrying treats for my little man and a few bits for the house.

Outcome of the day?  No pancakes 😦

That brings us up to date.  Today, Wednesday, 5 March 2014 is Ash Wednesday.  Today is the first day of Lent in the Christian Church.  Lent is when Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights fasting in the desert.  The more modern tradition is to either give something up for the 40 days and nights, or to take something honourable on (such as volunteering, etc.).  Many people choose to give up chocolate, or alcohol.  It may seem so pitiful, however, that can be a big deal for some people.  I have never participated in Lent before.  However, last night I decided…  ‘I’ll give up coffee…’  


So, today is day 1 of my coffee rehabilitation.  I have had no coffee what-so-ever, yet I have had 4 cups of tea (which, even though doesn’t have anywhere near as much, still has caffeine in it).  It was rather amusing this morning in work, as I was rather jittery, and I did get the giggles at one point.

Oh, I feel that I must make it known at this point that my regular consumption is anywhere from 6 – 15 cups of coffee per day.


This afternoon, things died down, and I felt like normal.  Thinking about it, I don’t think I am going to have a problem in giving up coffee.  Sure, I miss the taste already, and my colleagues’ freshly brewed coffee smelled so scrummy today, but in the long run, this will benefit my health.

On the way home from work I had also made the decision to make a blog post every day for 40 days.  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to blog about on a daily basis, as if I blogged about my life I would surely bore you to tears.  So, I will try to keep you (and myself) on your toes by making little quips here, photo’s there…  Even if I just post a one lined joke, I will count that as a post.


Giving my history of “I promise to post more often”, would you like to make a bet as to how long I can actually keep this up for..?

He is risen…

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


My little man has done really well for his Easter treats so far.  He’s got this yummy choccy Gning (I’ll have to tell you all the story of the word Gning soon…) bear with his name on it, he’s had a box of Easter animal biscuits, a Spiderman bucket filled with choccy eggs, a Cream Egg Easter egg and a giant gingerbread bunny head! Isn’t he a lucky man?!


**Edited – Just thought I’d include the Easter hat that Michael has made for Williams’ Easter bonnet parade today.