The morning I was rushed to hospital…

On 29 September, I had horrific abdominal pains, and I was almost calling NHS 111 for advice. I had the pains, cold sweats, and was feeling incredibly nauseous. Anyway, the pain went away, I went to bed, and I thought nothing of it. The following day I had another slight “attack”, but subsided within 20 minutes.

12 October 2017, at 9pm,  I had the start of a stomach ache again. I thought I had just eaten too much (pasta bolognaise and garlic bread…) I was in bed for 10pm, to try to sleep it off.

Hubby left for work for 1.20am (ish), going in to 13 October, and even though he didn’t intend to – his leaving disturbed me… Either that, or the pain woke me up, coinciding with him leaving.

Sweats, pain, nausea again… 2.10am, I call NHS 111. After a telephone triage, they decide that they need to send an ambulance – to check me over.

Next thing you know, hubby is home from work, and I’m in the back of the ambulance, on the way to A&E.

Several blood and urine tests, stomach and chest x-rays, and ecg’s later, the pain has subsided enough for me to be discharged, with the diagnosis that it’s more than likely my gallbladder / gallstones.

I’m now expecting a letter from my GP with an appointment for an ultrasound, so they can closer examine my gallbladder. This may mean an operation is on the cards…

20 Uses for Coca-Cola (other than drinking it!)

One of the ingredients in Coke is sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, which is an alkaline substance that can help take care of your body and clean your belongings. Here are 20 new ways to look at the drink.

Rust Buster

Soak rusted material in Coke overnight and scrub in the morning. The rust will weaken and come off more easily, fading t0 a shine.


Window Cleaner

Wipe down windows with Coke to remove grease and dirt without overusing chemical and toxin-ridden household cleaners.

Bolt Loosener

Because Coke is so useful in dissolving rust, it can help to loosen bolts that have rusted into a position that makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Meat Caramelizer

Marinade chicken or beef in Coke along with spices and other condiments. The Coke will give the meat a browned appearance, and when cooked, the sugar from the Coke will caramelize and offer the dish an added depth in taste.


Windshield Defroster

Awaken to a cold Winter’s morning with a layer of ice on your windshield? Save yourself the extra morning-time muscle and pour a bottle of Coke over the windshield. Wait a few minutes and then witness how much more easily the ice comes off when scraped.

Skunk Odor Killer

If you are ever in the unfortunate position of having been sprayed by a skunk, hop into the shower with a bottle of Coke and pour the soda over the sprayed area. The Coke helps to eliminate the odor.

Hiccups Ridder

Gargle a mouthful of Coke in the back of your throat, and word on the street is that your hiccups will disappear.

Hair Curler

Gaga was onto something when she used Coca-Cola cans as curlers. Massaging the beverage into your hair can also help to curl it. While it dries, crunch your hair with your hands to help facilitate the process.


Pain Reducer

Stung by a bee? Bitten by a mosquito? Attacked by a jelly fish? Nothing Coke can’t relieve. Dab affected area with the beverage to relieve the burn.

Hair Gum Remover

There can never be enough ways to remove gum from the hair, because let’s face it – it’s often the difference between a pixie cut and long luscious locks, so there’s no playing around. Pour Coke over the area tangled in gum, let it sit for a few minutes, and then begin to pull out.

Pot Cleaner

The bottom of household pots often become blackened. Pour Coke into your pots, letting it sit for a bit, and then washing the pots as normal with special attention to the discolored areas. The Coke will remove the grime and release the shine!


Toilet Cleaner

For the rusty and moldy nooks and crannies, add a can of Coke into the mix to help hasten the cleaning process. No one wants to spend more than the minimum cleaning the toilet, so consider Coke your new best cleaning mate.

Clothing Stain Remover

Pour Coke right on top of a stain and let it soak. The stain will slightly discolor, but after you throw the apparel into the wash, it will come out clean.

Lawn Improvement

Flat Coca-Cola is an effective gardening tool. Simply add one can per week to a compost bin to give microorganisms a boost. They will feed on the Coke, improving their strength and health.

Stomach Soother

Balance the pH levels in the stomach. Coke will temporarily relieve indigestion, heartburn, and other stomach-related pain.

Bugs and Wasps Deterrent

Distract outdoor bugs and wasps from the party by isolating a few topless cups of Coke away from the main event. The bugs are attracted to the Coke’s sweet aroma.


Bug Killer

Even though bugs are drawn to Coke, once they venture into the liquid, they meet their demise. If you want to get rid of an ant hill destroying your patio or rid roaches from cabinets and nooks in the attic or basement, spray bugs with Coke.

Hair Dye Fader

Wash your hair with Coke to help fade a dye that may have been layered on too thick or dark for your liking.

Paper Ager

If you want to give documents a more authentic look, soak them in coke for 10 minutes, remove them carefully, and allow them to dry. The papers’ browned look will fool anyone into thinking their antiquated.

Explosion Maker

Mentos + Coke = Explosion. See for yourself.

Please note that the above post was taken from this website

Day 6 – I almost forgot

With only 20 minutes to go before day 6 is over, I had only just remembered to make this post, so I almost didn’t keep up my end of the bargain.  To which I have already failed one of my 40 day challenges, so I’d be rather annoyed if I failed both.  So, let’s see…  I gave up coffee and said I would blog once a day.  Guess which one I failed on?

To be fair, even though I have broken my ‘no coffee’ pact to myself, I can at least take comfort in knowing that I have already cut back a lot.  Where as I was on several cups a day, I had one yesterday, and one today.  Already a huge improvement.

I had my first physio session today, to try to see what on earth is going on with my shoulder.  My physiotherapist thinks that the pain and discomfort that I am suffering seems to be related to the muscles on the right side of my neck rather than my shoulder, so I can ‘resume normal activities with my arm’.  Like I had stopped doing what I normally do anyway…  Ha ha.  I was sent on my way with some exercises to do at home, and in the workplace, and with an appointment for some ‘hands-on’ therapy.  I would love to say that I’m getting massages for free, but it’s not quite like that.  I’m going to have her manipulate my neck and surrounding muscles only.  I guess I’ll have to pay for a full Swedish/Aromatherapy massage myself then.

Eek!  15 minutes before this post has to be published…!!

Mr. Gning is staying at his grandparents tonight.  He does near enough every Monday.  It all started off because hubby and I used to do our training on a Monday evening, so Gning had to be minded by my parents, so it only made sense that he stayed (seen as we never got home until 9pm, and my ‘rents would drop him off about 9.30pm).  Now it’s deemed the norm for all of us.  He gets to spend the night in ‘grandads bed’, gets to play with nanny, and hubby and I can be as lazy as we want.  Then, on the Tuesday, Gning is taken out for the day (somewhere different every time, like the park, the zoo, the forest, etc.), and I stay in bed until lunch time!!  Unless we have something we need to do.

At the moment, hubby is ‘playing’ on the xbox one.  He’s trying his hand at creating worlds and games on ‘Project Spark beta’.  It looks pretty good, although not my thing.  I’ve wasted 90 minutes in the Interpals chat room…  A couple of people in there who I normally talk to, but nothing interesting going on.

I’ve just looked up to the TV to see what hubbys’ ‘world’ is like, and have just witnessed a murder!!  He’s just beaten a cartoon squirrel to death!  Oh my.  This is just too much…


Then again…  It does look evil.

There you go…  4 minutes left of day 6!!  See you tomorrow ❤

The Wait is Over

I’m a little late in posting this update, but everything has been a bit of a nightmare over the past couple of days.

Firstly, I am pleased to say that my husband’s surgery was a success.  They had to make one of the cuts wider that they wanted to, but the whole procedure was still classed as keyhole.  He returned home yesterday morning, grotty and in pain.  At least it’s over and done with now.  Happy birthday to my hubby!  But, I repeat, it’s over and done with now.

He was supposed to be able to remove the bandages today.  One (he has four in total) had peeled away under his t-shirt.  After a good look at it, it still looks a bit too ‘fresh’, so my first aid box came out so I could redress it.  That was the one that they had to open a bit more than they wanted too.  I said that we’ll try again later on this afternoon with two of the smaller wounds.  At least he can start to have a bit of fresh air hit the wounds to assist in the healing process.  As for the one I redressed, that just isn’t ready to be ‘naked’ yet.  The fourth is positioned in and just below his naval.  That’s the largest cut of all.  That won’t be ready to be uncovered for at least a few days, but I’ll have a look at that later too.

My hubby feels awful because he’s not been able to cuddle our 18-month old.  They said he would be ok to have our little man on his knee, but he us such a wriggler, and does tend to kick.  Playfully, of course.  But regardless, he feels guilty because he just can’t take the chance.

That all seems well and good, but what about this ‘nightmare’ I mentioned?

My little man isn’t well.

On Friday night, when my husband was in hospital, my beautiful baby boy woke up about 2:30am.  I thought it was his usual…  Wake up, cry, have a fight  with me to get him back to sleep…  But no.  This was something different.  It started off as the aforesaid, but then his breathing changed.  Next thing you know, he vomited all over the bed.  Obviously, because I didn’t expect it, I freaked out.  My little man…

He had seemed a bit off at dinner time, but I didn’t think too much about it because he can be a difficult eater.  He ate his supper with no problem, and was drinking normally, so I didn’t worry about it.

But he did.  When he was sick, he burst into tears and seemed to cower away from me.  I must have repeated “it doesn’t matter, baby” at least a hundred times, but he was still afraid.  I managed to strip the bed and get it in the wash, but instead of making the bed up again, I got the spare duvet and went into the living room to settle him on my recliner.

I’d just sat down when I decided to go and put the heating on…  Putting him on the floor, he began sobbing again.  When I got back into the living room, he looked at me with his beautiful, big, blue eyes and vomited again.  This time all over the carpet.  Three times…  I rushed him into the bathroom (we live in a bungalow), lifted the toilet seat and told him to spit (he’s just learned that after he brushes his teeth).  So the clean-up started again.  I decided to just change him into a vest this time in case it happened again.

By now it was about 4:45am.  I swept him up, lay him on my chest whilst in the recliner, covered us both with the duvet in the hope of getting at least an hours sleep.

To bring you up to date to now; he vomited on 5 occasions yesterday and had one bout of diarrhea.  Today he has had one horrific nappy first thing this morning, but he has had his breakfast and has managed to keep it down.  He has not vomited since 7pm last night.  Hopefully that was the last of it.  He’s still very docile today, but I would be too if I spent all day being poorly.

So, instead of me looking after my post surgery husband, I’m having to spend all my time nursing a once-rowdy, very poorly toddler.  Luckily enough that hubby can walk around and can make himself a drink…

There you go.  That’s been my last 48 hours.

Hush-a-bye baby – Night Eight

So, the experiment failed.  Last night was night 8, and we had resorted to the memory foam mattress being returned to our bed, and for the first time in a week, my husband and I spent the night together.  Our little man joined us about 2:30am after his wake-up.

I know it’s naughty, and I can’t tell you enough the amount of times people have said to us that we shouldn’t have him in bed with us, but there’s only so much ‘no sleep’ a person can have before you’re literally exhausted.  It’s just easier this way.  Afterall, we realised that we were getting much more sleep when our son was coming in to the big bed with us, rather than one of us being in babys’ room with him.

All the websites recommend trying to put your baby in their cot when they are very sleepy but still awake.  They state that at 18 months old, your child should stop getting used to being cuddled / rocked to sleep, and they should be able to get themselves to sleep.  Waking up  somewhere different to where you went to sleep is always a daunting task for anyone, but it can upset a baby.  The example it gives on one of the sites is based on an adult.  Imagine going to sleep on a pillow, then waking up at some point throughout the night to realise that your pillow has gone.  You wake up a little more wondering where it has gone, and eventually become conscious that it’s not there, eventually rousing you to fully awake…  If a baby were to wake up and things are different, this gives cause to wake up fully, and in a lot of senses, to get upset as things are not the same as when they went to sleep.

I understand the concept of it, and I understand the importance of it, and even though seeing it written down, makes a lot of sense, it’s so much easier said than done.

So now we’re back to phase one.  I have an 18 month old son who has one nap a day (of somewhere between 1 and 2 hours), and who goes to sleep for the night about 10:30pm-11pm, gets put in his cot, wakes up about 2am-3am and then spends the rest of the night in the ‘big bed’ with me and hubby…  He does usually sleep deeply and thoroughly when he’s in bed with us.

Does anyone else have something similar to this?  Has anyone else had something similar to this?  If you used to have this problem, what did you do to overcome it?

We have tried the whole ‘tough love’ thing, where we ignore him when he wakes up and cries throughout the night, but there is only so long we can leave him sobbing.  There was one night when he started hyperventilating because of all the sobs.  Hearing and seeing him like that literally breaks my heart.

I’ll make a post every now and again based on his sleeping schedule, but at the moment, it’s a nightmare.

Hush-a-bye baby – Night One

After many months of not sleeping through the night, it was really wearing my husband and I to the ground.  Especially trying to keep up with an almost 18-month old throughout the day.  I’d had enough.  Yesterday morning I got up and said to my hubby, “Put the airbed in baby’s room tonight.  I’ll sleep in there with him and try to get him to stay in his own room right through”.

Hubby had a better idea.  We have two mattresses on our bed at the moment.  A spring one on the base, and a full memory-foam one on top…  We’d just have the memory-foam mattress, but you can feel every slat on the base.  Hence the two mattresses.  He moved the memory-foam mattress into babys room…

Night-time came and it was time for bed.  I lay down with my little man in his room, and the screams began.  10-15 minutes of blood-curdling screams, then next thing you know, he had passed out.

My original plan was to get him to sleep on the mattress with me, then to put him in his cot to see how long he lasted.  I decided not to follow through with that plan on the first night.  Instead, he did go to sleep in his own room (first night ever), so to stop him from being up in a couple of hours, he would remain on the mattress with me on the floor.

He done extremely well.  He had a whimper at about 4:30am, but as soon as I ‘plugged’ his little mouth with the dummy, he was gone again.  He woke up properly at 9:45am.

The only downside to last night was the pain for me and my husband.  I was cold, so hubby had put the heating on very low.  He was suffering in our bedroom with the heat, constantly up and down throughout the night to get a drink and trying to cool down.  For me, it was the agony of the mattress.  You’d think that putting a memory-foam mattress on a floor would give you extra benefits with the support, but instead I think I would have been better off on the airbed…  My hip was touching the floor through the mattress, my shoulder was really painful, and my back has gone.  I hardly slept.

However, if this little ‘experiment’ means that it will get my beautiful baby to go to sleep and wake up in his own room & bed, it’s worth it.

So, well done baby.  Night one is over with.  Husband is staying on the floor in baby’s room for night two.