I need to tell you something… You smell.

New mummies, don’t get mad at me, but I’m about to say some things that might be a little hard to hear. Just listen. I’m coming from a place of no judgment. I’m coming from a place of love. I’m saying these things because you need to hear them and because I care about you and because your friends can’t tell you because you’re a crazy person right now…  Believe me.  I know all of this, because I’ve been there.  Twice.

5 Things New Mummies Need to Hear:

1. You need to put the Internet away for a at least the first month. Your baby doesn’t have that rare illness that you’re reading about. You don’t need to read that story about the mum dropping her baby, or forgetting it somewhere, or a random cat breaking into the house and eating the infant. You don’t need to ask Facebook what formula, or nappies, or sleep training method is right. People have been having babies for a *couple* of years without the Internet, and it seemed to work out just fine. Phone a friend.  Phone your mum.  Because, generally speaking, people on the Internet are arseholes.

2. No, we won’t vote for your baby. Your baby is absolutely the most precious little thing on the planet. We get it, but no one is going to vote for them for the cutest baby contest – even if it does mean you could win a all expenses paid trip around the world for two. Send the link to your parents and if they can figure out how to actually vote, you’re set, because they were the only people who were going to vote anyway. You’ve just saved yourself a tiny little shred of embarrassment. You’re welcome.

3. Sweetie, you stink.  I’m sorry, but if you think that you stink, it’s more than likely because you do.  It’s true.  I’m going to blame it on the hormones, or maybe it’s stress sweat, or maybe it’s because you haven’t showered in days, but you smell a little ripe.  Take a few minutes for yourself and go take a shower.  Please.

4. If you’re feeling crazy, it’s because you are. You’re supposed to be a little crazy right now. You’re probably a little nervous, excited, scared, and exhausted, and you have hormones bouncing around like ping-pong balls. It’s ok.  Honestly.  Just focus on that little model baby of yours and cry in the privacy of your own shower.

5. You’re doing great and you WILL feel normal again one day…  Not today, but one day.  I still quite often look at people whilst I’m out and about, and thinking “LOOK AT THEM! Walking around all normal! Will I ever walk around like a normal person with normal thoughts? Will I ever enjoy a glass of wine again? (Not that I drink anyway, but…)  Will I ever sleep, like REALLY sleep, and not just sort of drift?” It all happens. You sleep. You drink. You walk. You find a new normal-ish…  Just not today, but it will happen. I promise.

Does it work on little boys too..?

I’m a BzzAgent.  Don’t know what that is?  Well; I’m a member of a site called, BzzAgent.  Ha!  How ironic is that?  Ha ha…  Anyway, that means that every now and again, I take part in, what’s called, a campaign.  I receive a product to try, and I have to review and spread the word (whether it’s good, or bad) about the product.  Then, I have to feedback to the main website to say how I’ve spread the word.


Click the bee to open the BzzAgent website in another tab

For this campaign, I am reviewing “Ariel 3in1 Pods”.

I’ve been using the Fairy gel for quite some time now, as I think the gel products are brilliant.


However, before I had even signed up to this campaign, I was already on the lookout for something new…  Although Fairy tackled the stains, the smell was rather off-putting.


I was so excited when I received my Ariel 3-in-1 pods through the post.  I was so excited, that I couldn’t wait for the campaign to start, so I immediately opened one of the boxes, and ‘popped the pod’ directly in to the drum of my full washing machine.

I don’t normally pay attention to what washing powders / gels / tablets look like, but these were really fun to look at.  A little clear pouch, with 3 compartments, each with a different coloured ‘gel’ inside.  I almost burst one through excitement, as I just couldn’t help but ‘squish’ them, haha.


After the washing machine ‘clicked’, we opened the door.  Oh my word. The smell that escaped with the heat and steam was just amazing.  It not only smelled clean and fresh, but it smelled absolutely divine…  I just can’t describe it.


As you all know, I have a (now) two year old boy, and he is always getting his clothes covered in food, drinks, mud, crayons…  Anything he can get his hands on.  This little tiny pod had no problem what-so-ever in removing all of those difficult stains, and his clothes looked like new again.

I will definitely be switching from Fairy to these Ariel pods in the future, and the best of all? I still have a few vouchers left, after handing them out to family, to stock up too 🙂


Overall rating 10/10.  Highly recommended to everyone.