Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole – Pic Heavy

More of a winter-warmer type recipe (but today has been relatively cold, hence this being our dinner tonight) this yummy casserole warms the cockles of your heart, and right through to your stomach.  This is a fab recipe for the whole family (my 3 year old loves it), and I think it all only cost me around £2.50 to make!!


1 pack sausages (I used Richmonds’ 16 thin sausages)

1/2 onion – diced thinly

1 tin peeled, plum tomatoes

1 tin baked beans (I used Branston)

1 or 2 drops of Tabasco sauce


1.  Lightly fry your sausages in your choice of oil / fat, until they appear to be a nice browny colour.  Ensure to turn them every now and again.



2.  When the sausages are nicely cooked, remove from the pan, and dry on a paper towel (to absorb as much grease as possible).  Leave the remaining oil in the pan.


3.  Lightly fry your diced onion in the fat / oil that is still in the frying pan.


4.  Turn the heat down on the frying pan, and chop your sausages up in to ‘bite size’ pieces.


5.  Place the peeled, plum tomatoes in to your ceramic pot of the slow cooker.  Strain the onions from the oil, and add to the tomato mix, and add one or two drops of Tabasco sauce.  Using a hand blender, blend until the mixture becomes smooth.


6.  Once smooth, add the sausages and the tin of baked beans (don’t bother to strain away the tomato sauce in the beans), and stir thoroughly to ensure the sausage ‘bites’ are all covered in the tomato mixture.



7.  Put your ceramic dish inside the slow cooker, and add the lid.  Turn your slow cooker to ‘high’, and leave to cook for 4 hours.


8.  The tomato mixture should now be bubbling away nicely, so give it a final stir before serving.  Enjoy x