30 Day Writing Challenge – DAY 3

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

Empty promises

Promises can be anything at all.  From saying that you will phone somebody later, or that you will buy a particular something from the shop to an oath made to God that you will look out for a child, and be a part of their lives (i.e. becoming a Godparent).

It’s all too easy to say “I promise” to someone, but it’s also really easy to not follow through with it.  A promise is a commitment…  A promise is a vow.  A lot of the time, a promise is made verbally.

It really winds me up how some people can just throw away a promise like it was nothing to them…  Or at times, like it is a burden.  I know of one particular person who has made a very important promise appear an inconvenience.  This is not only a disappointment, but a regret for me in asking this person to make a promise in the first place.

Arsehole Shoppers and Being Invisible

Now, I’m not going to go in to great depths with this one, as I really could write an essay on this matter.

You’re walking around Asda (or the like) with your trolley (shopping cart), you turn a corner in to another aisle, and hey presto!  There’s a group of people blocking the aisle, having a catch-up chat, because they haven’t seen each other for such a long time.  I mean, who can blame them?  Of course you need that catch-up chat when you’ve not seen each other for 24 hours.

I have noticed that since I first had Gning (my gorgeous 3 year old), whenever I went out shopping with him – or now Donut – I have become invisible.  I’m pushing Gning or Donut (or both) around in the trolley (or pram), and all of a sudden, I’m the one who is blocking the aisle…  Only I’m not.  I’m the courteous shopper, who will not walk down the middle of the aisle.  I’m the one who is practically knocking things off the shelves so that other people has the ease to get past what would otherwise be a pain in the neck.  Afterall, I do have two children with me.

It’s like when I took the pram out, when Gning was only a few months old.  I went in to a shop…  I can’t remember which one it was…  Maybe the pound shop, or Home Bargains…  I was pushing him down the aisle – again, hugging the side of the aisle – when that “oh my gosh, I’ve not seen you in hours!” group stopped in front of us, blocking any possible escape route ahead.  I politely said “excuse me”, expecting them to budge over, and all they did was look at me, and carry on.  I had to repeat my polite request for them to shift out of my way twice more.

Believe me.  Being invisible isn’t that great.