43 problems every curvy girl has faced at least once in their life

1. “One size fits all” isn’t a game you can even think of playing.

2. You’re no stranger to walking out of a store because they don’t carry anything above a size 12.

3. And you know not to bother with sales because the largest size that’s ever in stock is an M.

4. Strapless bras are just a no-go zone for you.

5. Plus, all the bras that are comfortable and offer that perfect support cost an arm and a leg.

6. Actually, no. All clothes are more expensive than anything “normal” sized.

7. You have to try EVERYTHING on before you buy it.

8. Which really makes online shopping a chore because you never know what your size is.

9. Especially because all stores think people looking for plus-size clothing just want to look like a shapeless sack.

10. And forget about even thinking about getting jeans online.

11. You really can’t go to a cheap market or a random eBay seller because you already know nothing will fit you.

12. Damn, most of the time you have to tie your clothes up to fit your body the right way.

13. All your belt loops are broken from you constantly trying to pull your jeans up.

14. And your pants always rip on your inner thighs because of them always rubbing together.

15. Not to mention all the little balls of fabric that build up there too.

16. But even worse than that? The painful chub rub you get when you wear dresses or skirts.

17. You’re constantly buying baby powder to combat all the chafing.

18. But when you do chafe, you’re forced to wear pants for at least a few weeks.

19. Your pants fit perfectly around your booty and thighs but are always baggy down near your ankles.

20. Or are massive around your waist and give you major butt gap.

21. And jeans that actually fit well everywhere are usually two metres too long on you.

22. Most jeans you own are in that shitty stretchy material, so you always get a bad case of saggy butt syndrome.

23. Any time you wear jeans with holes, you’re left looking like a wrapped leg of lamb with marks everywhere.

24. Button-up shirts always pop open as you walk. Or sit. Or breathe. Or exist, really.

25. You’re constantly pulling dresses out of your ass crack.

26. In the summer, cute lil’ shorts really just look like underwear on you.

27. And whenever you walk with shorts on you have to constantly pull them out of your thighs because they really love to bunch up.

28. Actually…any tight clothing loves to creep up.

29. Skirts and dresses never sit the same at the front as they do in the back, thanks to your booty.

30. You have to stay away from any tops or pants with text on them because they warp out of control.

31. Fabric at the seams of all your pants and shorts always pull and go see-through from the strain.

32. And if you’re sitting in the middle of anything, you feel like your entire, kinda see-through ass is in everyone’s lap as you get up to leave.

33. Every time a song references anything about bass or booty, all eyes are on you.

34. When you work out, your boobs and ass get so damn sweaty.

35. To the point where you’re always afraid of leaving ass sweat marks on the ground when you stand up.

36. You have to hold your boobs as you run so you don’t knock yourself out.

37. And you don’t need anyone else to clap for you as you run because your thighs gladly do it for you.

38. A lot of swimwear either cuts into your hips or slides right off them.

39. So you’re usually forced to buy mismatched tops and bottoms for that perfect fit.

40. Normal clothes like a plain t-shirt or vest top are deemed “too sexy” when they they’re on your body.

41. Which means everything casual you own is no longer work-appropriate. Even if it’s just a T-shirt and jeans.

42. You have to deal with people thinking they’re complimenting you by saying they “love a girl who’s not afraid to eat”.

43. And worst of all, people try to offend you by calling you fat, like it’s anything more than a word…



Credit for this post goes to Buzzfeed – 43 problems every curvy girl has faced at least once in their life

Christmas on a Budget

Like a lot of other families this year, I will be struggling a lot this Christmas.  We’re almost at the middle of November, and I have gotten to the point where I am wondering if I will be able to get any Christmas presents at all…  And that includes for my 2 year old.  Although I am sure that I will be able to work something out, here are some hints and tips for you…

Spread the cost of Christmas

It may seem a little silly storing Christmas presents away in July, but paying a little bit every so often is easier on the bank balance than buying everything all at once and being left with the hefty bills over Winter.  If you’re super savvy, you could even start your Christmas shopping when the January sales start!

Homemade Decorations

Decorations are simple to make, and can save you a lot of money.  Not only can this be a good way to get your children involved in crafting, but you end up with treasured memories and festive keepsakes that you can use year after year.

Search for Vouchers Online

Some gifts can be particularly expensive, but by searching around online you may be able to find a code or voucher so that you can pick it up at a discounted price.  Before buying anything, always look to find it cheaper – it could be worth the search.

Check out Nearly New Boards

You can find ‘Nearly New Boards’ practically everywhere.  Check out ebay, amazon local marketplace, gumtree…

Make your own Christmas Cards

Making your own cards could be the perfect way for saving a bit of money, and it will get the kids involved in some quality crafting (and quiet) time.  Be as adventurous, or as simplistic, as you like.  Making your own cards means that you’re not limited to the designs that you find in the shops.

Ask Guests to chip in for Christmas Dinner

What?  Really?  Yes!  The costs of Christmas dinner can mount up quickly, so it may be a good idea to ask guests to help out a bit.  You could even allocate a different part of the meal to each guest if you’re having a large group of people over – so one person can be responsible for starters, one can bring around the pudding, one can bring the veg, and you sort out the turkey!  It is easy to be nervous about asking, but most people will be happy to chip in if it means the meal will be that ‘little more grand’ for everybody.  Oh…  And don’t forget to ask someone to bring the crackers!

Home-make whatever you can

On the subject of food, try to stay away from pre-packaged additions to your Christmas dinner.  Not only is it the healthier option, as you can be sure of everything that is going in to your meal, but it is actually a lot easier on your purse strings!  I’m sure you can manage rolling the pig up in the blanket, and there is NEVER a need for the taste of Smash when you can buy a whole bag of potatoes for less than a portion of pre-mashed spuds.

Don’t be afraid of Charity Shops

Christmas presents don’t have to cost a fortune; in fact, some of the best toys can come from car boot sales and charity shops.  Kids love opening presents so will be much more excited at opening ten £1 presents than one £10 gift.

Print off your own ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign

There are a variety of signs available these days for children to hang up outside their doors, telling Santa where he needs to stop.  Save money on a much desired sign by printing out your own one, allowing children to give it that personal touch by colouring it in themselves.

Make Gifts Yourself!

Get your creative juices flowing and save a bit of cash by making gifts yourself.  Whether it’s a bundle of sweet treats, a hamper you’ve collected goodies from your area or a special keepsake from your children, people always appreciate that you’ve put in a special effort to make their gift.  To give yourself ideas, why not research online?  I like to use ‘Pintrest’ for inspiration.

Stock up on PLAIN Wrapping Paper

It’s so easy to get carried away buying festive wrapping paper, only for it to go unused in the cupboard for a year, getting crumpled along the way, then to be ripped open and binned… What not buy paper with no occasion writing or image on it, so that it can be used any time of the year, and will never go to waste?  You could even decorate the paper yourself with drawings or stencils.

Plastic is Fantastic

No, it’s not a real tree, but a plastic tree can be used year after year, it can be as large (or as small) as you want, it doesn’t drop needles, and it saves you more money every year that you have it.  Not only that, but a plastic tree can look just as festive while bearing the brunt of over enthusiastic children just that little bit more than a real tree.

The True Meaning

Overall, too many people are too quick to judge what other people have for Christmas.  Whether it be food or gifts, they always forget the true meaning.  That, I suppose, is why I am not particularly worried about struggling this year.  I know that even without anything to give, my family are still going to have an amazing Christmas.