Merseyside Bucket List

From the moment I was born, up until 2009, I lived in the borough of St Helens, Merseyside (north-west England).  In 2009, I moved to Huyton village (in the outskirts of Liverpool).  I have lived within this 6 mile radius all of my life.

Last night I decided to start making a list of all the important, and wonderful places to visit in the area.  Museums, historical buildings, green spaces, and more.  I have visited many, thanks to my dad who loved to teach me the history of where I live, but there are still so many places that I have not been.

If you live in, or know the county of Merseyside, I would love to hear about your favourite places.  Do you have a favourite park?  Is there a particular building, or museum that you enjoyed visiting?  Do you know of any “hidden gems” in the area?  Please comment with one, two or more of your favourite Merseyside places, so I can add them to my list.

As soon as I have compiled my list, I shall post it here.

Oh, how life has changed.

It’s been exactly one month since my life changed, and I’ve been trying to work out exactly what I was going to write to update you all.

My hubby was offered a full-time job to start on 10 July, and if we were both to be in work, there would be problems with childcare.  Yes, we had the option to put the kids in to a private nursery, but even with both of our wages, this would leave us out of pocket.  So there was a decision to be made, and quickly.

On 7 July, I worked my last day with the DWP.  I am now a “full-time, stay at home mummy”.  I am now one of the people who I either envied… Or slated.

I was envious because they got to stay at home with their children.  They got to watch their children take their first steps.  They got to hear their children say their first words.  As a full-time working mum, I missed those moments.  I would never have them again, and it ruined me.

I slated the other “full-time, SAHMs” because they had no interest in working.  Their kids were in full-time school, and all they did was sit on their arses all day, watching Jeremy Kyle, or spending their dole money on alcohol and tobacco.  I am positive that most of the mums that fell in to this category were “baby boomers” – only interested in popping out another sproglet because they got more money…

Yes, I am one of those people who turns my nose up at the “minions”.  Yes, I do think I am better than all of the SAHMs that fall in to the latter category.

So now I can hear the comments, “what gives her the right to say that?”

Well, allow me to explain.

Today marks one month since I last worked for anyone.

Since then, I had enrolled on to an online course, and completed a new qualification.  I received my PDF certificate just a couple of days ago, and I am waiting for the “hard copy” to come through.  The certificate confirms that I had passed the final assessment with a “Higher Distinction”.  I have purchased various equipment that I will need to take my qualification further, started a Facebook page with my new “job”, created a Twitter feed, and built a website from scratch.  I am now “up and ready to go”.  My new career will allow me to choose my own hours; and means that I can do something that I have always wanted to do.

Meanwhile, it’s the summer holidays; so Gning is off school for 6 weeks.  I’ve had my two boys with me 24/7 (almost) since I left the DWP – we have had days out, here, there and everywhere…

Gning has been off for 2 full weeks so far (we’re just in to week 3), and so far we have been to:

Acorn Venture Farm (Kirkby)

Gulliver’s World (Warrington)

Treetops (soft play centre in Golborne)

Heysham, Morecambe, Knotts End and Sunderland point (all one journey – Lancashire)

Martin Mere (Bursough)

Windmill Animal Farm (Burscough)

Speke Hall (Speke, Liverpool)

I don’t think the boys have done too badly so far, and there are still (almost) 4 weeks left!

I’ve started a scrapbook for them, so they can keep track of what they’ve been up to, in the summer of 2017.

So what else have I been doing?  I’ve kept on top of the front garden – mowing, raking and strimming.  The back garden is much to be desired, and I really need to get out there, but the weather has been so bad recently, it’d just be like walking in a swamp.  I’ve also scrubbed the kitchen; got on top of all the washing; cleaned the front room – several times; and kept on top of the bookings over at the village hall.

I’ve got lots of other plans, but I need a bit of a rest first of all.  These past 4 weeks that I’ve been off work have been a bit of a whirlwind…  The first 2 weeks, I practically did nothing.  My brain was set to “holiday” mode, lol.

Here’s me, Gning and Donut – I took the selfie yesterday…  I think being a full-time SAHM suits me…


Day 22 & 23 – Ohh…

Hello world!

I needed yesterday to recover from the shame of the 16 second video of myself that I posted.  In my honest opinion, it was 16 seconds too long, but at least you got to see / hear me, and now you know that I am real!

I’m currently in the process of trying to work out how to take a ‘legal’ video whilst driving.

I have a phone holder, that attaches to my windscreen via a suction cup.  It’s very strong, and manoeuverable, and I was able to set my smartphone up so the camera was pointing out of the window…  I stumbled on two problems.  The first was that it shook because of the vibrations of the car.  Hmmm…  It just didn’t like it when I put my foot down…  The second problem was that the camera was too much of a distraction, therefore if the police would see me do that, I’d surely be pulled over.

The only other thing that I can think of, would be to get my DSLR, and to ‘wedge’ it in one of the corners on my dash, pointing out the window.  That would be a good idea, although I would have to do a lot of editing when I get home.  Afterall, I have to think of my own privacy, and I need to hide the directions to/from my house from any ‘landmarks’ around this area, ha ha 🙂

I don’t know why I want to do it.

It was actually suggested to me as a possible thing I could vlog about (sort of).  To make a short video on (driving on) the roads in my area, and to show some people what is the wrong side of the road to them (but it’s the CORRECT side of the road…  Everyone else drives on the wrong side, ha ha).  I laughed it off at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.  I would have to think about where I would drive…  Should I show off the immediate local area, or should I go somewhere else..?


Yes.  That is my local ‘village’.  Quite nasty really…  Ha ha.

That’s giving me another idea actually.  How would a compilation of photographs (that I take) of my local area / the city in which I live, edited together in to a video work?  I think that’s another possibility.


And this is the beautiful city that I live in.  Or a small part of it anyway…

Hmmm…  Choices, choices…  Let’s see what the weekend brings.