30 Day Writing Challenge – DAY 3

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

Empty promises

Promises can be anything at all.  From saying that you will phone somebody later, or that you will buy a particular something from the shop to an oath made to God that you will look out for a child, and be a part of their lives (i.e. becoming a Godparent).

It’s all too easy to say “I promise” to someone, but it’s also really easy to not follow through with it.  A promise is a commitment…  A promise is a vow.  A lot of the time, a promise is made verbally.

It really winds me up how some people can just throw away a promise like it was nothing to them…  Or at times, like it is a burden.  I know of one particular person who has made a very important promise appear an inconvenience.  This is not only a disappointment, but a regret for me in asking this person to make a promise in the first place.

Arsehole Shoppers and Being Invisible

Now, I’m not going to go in to great depths with this one, as I really could write an essay on this matter.

You’re walking around Asda (or the like) with your trolley (shopping cart), you turn a corner in to another aisle, and hey presto!  There’s a group of people blocking the aisle, having a catch-up chat, because they haven’t seen each other for such a long time.  I mean, who can blame them?  Of course you need that catch-up chat when you’ve not seen each other for 24 hours.

I have noticed that since I first had Gning (my gorgeous 3 year old), whenever I went out shopping with him – or now Donut – I have become invisible.  I’m pushing Gning or Donut (or both) around in the trolley (or pram), and all of a sudden, I’m the one who is blocking the aisle…  Only I’m not.  I’m the courteous shopper, who will not walk down the middle of the aisle.  I’m the one who is practically knocking things off the shelves so that other people has the ease to get past what would otherwise be a pain in the neck.  Afterall, I do have two children with me.

It’s like when I took the pram out, when Gning was only a few months old.  I went in to a shop…  I can’t remember which one it was…  Maybe the pound shop, or Home Bargains…  I was pushing him down the aisle – again, hugging the side of the aisle – when that “oh my gosh, I’ve not seen you in hours!” group stopped in front of us, blocking any possible escape route ahead.  I politely said “excuse me”, expecting them to budge over, and all they did was look at me, and carry on.  I had to repeat my polite request for them to shift out of my way twice more.

Believe me.  Being invisible isn’t that great.

Lead Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me

Tomorrow will be the second consecutive Sunday that our family of four will have been to church.

It’s all so strange…  Personally, I do consider myself to be ‘partially religious’.  I do believe in God, but I couldn’t really care.  I am, if you like, agnostic.  I used to have faith.  I used to regularly go to church as a child, and as a teenager.  When I was in my early twenties, something just snapped inside of me.  I don’t know what it was, or what had caused it, but I was on the verge of breaking.

I can remember driving around one Christmas Eve, looking for a Christmas Carol service.  I must have driven past five or six churches, and looked at their notice boards.  All of them stated that the Carol service had been previously held.  There was not even a special “midnight service” to thank God for the life of Jesus.  It was at that point, as I finally pulled the car over and cried, that I knew I had lost my Faith.

It’s terrible to say, and I have only ever told one person about this before (hubby dearest).  He has never judged me.  For he is an agnostic too.

Several years ago, hubby had proposed, and we were planning a wedding…  I had considered enquiring in a beautiful church in my local village, as my parents and my grandparents (on my fathers side) were married there.  But I never considered myself religious, so I thought a church wedding could be audacious.  My Faith had started to slowly rebuild before the proposal, but I still felt that I needed to regain Gods’ trust, so I let the idea slip completely, thinking that maybe one day in the future, on an anniversary, that we may ask for a marriage Blessing in church.

Gning was Baptised on 1 April 2012.  I can remember everything perfectly about the day, and indeed the lead up to the event.  It was a beautiful day – the sun was shining; everyone dressed up beautifully; and Gning was the last of 3 babies on that day to be Baptised, and welcomed in to the church.  It certainly was a joyous event, and I was – and still am – so happy that we made the decision to have him Baptised.

When Donut arrived, I was eager to get the date booked to have him Baptised, so I could thank God for the life of a second child.  We enquired with the church where Gning was Blessed, only to be told that they are fully booked until March 2016.  Personally, I think they are not fully booked at all, and that they are just trying to put us off booking there, but that’s a story for another time; and I was just not prepared to wait.

Last week the four of us took a trip to beautiful St Michael’s church in the village.  It was a lovely service – lots of families and children, and Gning enjoyed the Superhero theme.  After the service, we had a chat with one of the church wardens about getting Donut Baptised there, and they said that they would be honoured to welcome him in to the church there.

This now brings us full circle…  We have to attend the church every Sunday on the lead up to the Baptism.  This will integrate us in to the church community, and will show the vicar (is that the right word now-a-days?  I’m still so new to all this…) that we are serious about wanting Donut to be an active member of the church.  It’s definitely different.  I never thought that in my mid-thirties that I would be joining a church, and being an active church-goer.  To be honest though, I love the idea.  It’s helping with my Faith even more, ensuring we spend time together as a family – doing something because we want to, rather than because we feel we have to, giving us a purpose to get up of a Sunday, and giving structure to our lives.  It’s funny how one little tiny thing can change your life forever, and I thank God for that.

And she clicked her heels together three times…

Today is the day that I made the teacup candles for.  Today is my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Their Ruby wedding.

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad ❤

Mum and Dad 01



It’s funny just how fast rumours can spread.

Something is briefly mentioned, someone overhears it, tells someone…  Soon enough, practically the whole world can know about it.

Yesterday, the world found out that Cory Monteith had passed away.  For those few who don’t know who he is, he played the character of Finn in the programme, Glee.  He was just 31 years old.  Coroners are due to perform a post-mortem some time today (Monday), but speculation is already flying around that it was a drug overdose.

Earlier this year, the whole ‘Gleek’ population was shocked to hear that Cory had checked himself in to a rehabilitation centre, to get help with his drug addiction.  After a month, he checked out clean.

Two weeks from now, he was to attend a wedding.  His own.

Lea Michelle (fiance and co-star, plays Rachel on Glee) had been his rock, and had supported him through his addiction cleansing.  She was planning a wedding, but is now planning a funeral.

I spent a lot of time scrolling through Twitter yesterday.  I’m normally a total facebook addict, but Twitter seems to have the “know”.  The tweets are up-to-date, and you can find out a lot of information about what’s going on in your area.  However, a lot of the tweets are for speculation.  You have to either read between the lines, or research further by googling it (my choice of search engine).

I seen this yesterday…


This is just one of the tweets, this one, as you can see, has been retweeted 5543 times.  There are other tweets, very similar to this one, the top two lines are the same, but occasionally, the third person is someone else, and there is a fourth listed too.

I recognised the name, Kyle Massey, but I just couldn’t put my finger on who it was.  After visiting my beloved Google, I found out that he played Cory on ‘That’s So Raven’, and his spin-off show, ‘Cory in the House’.  There were pages, upon pages, on Google regarding how Kyle is just 21 years old, saying that he is terrified of dying, and asking people to pray for him.  Obviously, I was taken on in the spin of the tale.

I get up this morning, and my husband had been reading the entertainment news on imdb.com (if you’ve never visited the site, you’re missing out!).  One of the first things he said to me was, “that Kyle Massey hasn’t got cancer”.

Once again, I hopped on to twitter, and the tweets are still flying around, similar to above.

I opened up another tab in my browser, and went to imdb.com myself, in order to hit the nail on the head of this insensitive rumour.  I made a tweet myself, linking the page.


The point I am trying to make is simple.  Don’t believe everything you hear / read.  Do your own research on the matter first.  If you don’t, you’re just as bad as the rest.  Don’t be a sheep – It may be easy just to retweet, or re-say something that you have heard, but think about what you are doing first.  Afterall, you wouldn’t like it if the rumour was about you.

“What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.” – Hebrew proverb